I’d Still Point Them

I believe we managed to get a good dousing of rain today, so let’s hope nearly all of it was absorbed into our soil. I was glad to have my umbrella handy when having to be out in it this morning. It was interesting how it would come down heavy for a while, then lighten up to a misty rain, and then back at it again. The short downpour we had in our Downtown this afternoon had nearly everyone running for cover.

After working on several files, I made a few phone calls and returned necessary emails. One of the calls I had to force myself to make, which was to a seller, just let him know the closing on his home was being delayed due to the selling agent’s lack of keeping the buyer moving forward with all that items the lending institution was needing. He wasn’t a happy camper, but at least he understood it was out of my control.

With some time to kill, I headed over to St. Paul Lutheran and pulled all the music I’ve been assigned to play this coming month. Once again, there were three of them I’d never heard of, so I made sure to get copies so I could practice them in my free time on the piano at office. In spite of struggling with several of them, I had a good experience where I didn’t have to listen to another soul other than the music coming out of “the box” housing the old girl’s pipes. I fully understand why some people enjoy being seated alone in darkened churches, as it offers a sanctuary away from all things temporal.

Early this morning, I happened to notice an article regarding a form of meditation which has grown exceptionally popular in recent years which originated in China. If I’m not mistaken, it think it’s referred to as Qi Gong, and what I found the most shocking, was that the Communist Party of China banned the use of it back in the 1990’s. Isn’t it interesting how the powers that be in a country would not allow something that’s been proven to be healthful for a person’s mind and body for likely a thousand years or more? I’d say the Chinese government is trying to turn its citizens into robots. How very sad.

Unfortunately, while I was outdoors, I ran into a woman I’ve known for some years, so I stopped for a quick social visit. Oh my goodness! I couldn’t believe how she went on and on about how this pandemic is just a big lie. Every time I brought up the fact that I’ve personally known people who’ve died from it, she kicked right back by saying they must’ve already had life-threatening conditions which were mis-diagnosed as Covid, just so our Government would give the hospitals more money. I finally quit trying to convince her otherwise, and just changed the subject to something completely different. I know she winters in one of our far-southern States, where there must be some definite hot spots of disbelievers. In spite of her being financially well-off, I’d say she’s in great need of a real education regarding this pandemic. Wow! I had to bite my tongue to keep from mentioning the hundreds of thousands of China-virus deaths there’ve been in India.

A gentleman called this afternoon and asked if I would come out to his home and visit with him about possibly selling if, and since I was free at the time, I agreed. As chance would have it, I knew the property from years ago, and if it was taken care of and priced right, it would sell. He was waiting for me at the door when I pulled up, so I walked in, visited a little, and then asked if I could have a look around, which he agreed.

After making enough mental notes, we talked about timing and pricing, and since he hadn’t sold a home in many years, I walked him thru the process from the time of listing to close. There were several points I had to go over with him due to his not fully understanding all steps, but in the end, he got it. Before I left, he said something about taking the weekend to think it over, and then give me a call on Monday, and if that be the case, it looks like I may have two new listings coming on-board next week. Yeah.

Just these past several months, I’ve been noticing some interesting things taking place with some of our Realtors which I’m totally against, and one of them happens to be their getting sellers to sign exclusive office listings, which I will insist to my last breath, is not in the best interest of any seller. If I were a seller, and a Realtor tried to get me to go exclusive, I’d be firing them before they were hired, and if they’d try to back-track and say they’d agree to place them in our MLS for all agents and buyers to see, I’d still point them to the door. I fully understand need, but never greed. Way back when that was going on twenty some years ago, I’d challenge every Realtor that did it, and no matter what their “lame” excuses were, I’d consider it wrong. Shame on them! I’m beginning to wonder what our general public in these times is thinking about Realtors in general.

I had a nice chat today with a young man who’s getting more into gardening and tree planting, so I shared a few tips with him regarding the planting of trees, along with how to protect them during our winters against those vile rabbits and deer until they’ve grown tall and resistant. He actually didn’t know they’ll feed on their bark up to as high as they can reach, which will either kill them outright, or damage them to the point where their growth is stunted and growing patterns altered. I could’ve gone on for hours telling tales about deciduous and coniferous trees that were killed during the winter by those devils. I’m sure he’ll be doing some major research on what’ll be the best winter protectants for them. It’s good to see our younger crowd getting back to growing and nurturing.

Thus far, my weekend is relatively free, so what I’ll likely do tomorrow morning, is to call a lady who’s in need of a helping-hand in getting more “stuff” removed from her basement and then taken to our landfill. I’m sure the whole process won’t take any more than two hours, so that’s part of my plan thus far.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Most of us have two lives: the life we live, and the un-lived life within us, yet between the two, firmly stands resistance.

Joe Chodur

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