Is There an Arborist

After all this rain, our humidity levels went thru the roof, and when our temps creeped beyond the 80 mark, it was feeling very much like a sauna outdoors. Every year, I find it quite amazing how everything suddenly turns a near florescent green. Now the race begins in keeping those fast-growing weeds under control and our lawns mowed.

Speaking of lawns, I’ve noticed where some of these recent sales that’ve taken place in recent months, how little if any, those new buyers are taking care of their yards. As I’ve mentioned before, I truly believe any first-time buyers must take a good twelve hour course on home repairs and upkeep, as a precondition to getting their first-home loans. It’s almost laughable when seeing the meticulous condition those sellers had kept their homes and landscapes in, and likely due to having done their reading-up on the things they must do to get top dollar, and then two or three months later, they look like shanty-ville. If I have time, I’m going to drive past a home that was purchased about six months ago by a couple who couldn’t even keep the small home they’d been renting in presentable condition. I’m not one to bet, but I’d put money on their new “big” purchase, now looking like an episode out of that old sitcom “Green Acres”. Whether a person rents or owns, their acquired tastes of being lazy doesn’t change overnight–if ever.

I called my lady in need this morning and asked if she’d like me to go over and give her a helping hand, and unfortunately, she wasn’t feeling the best and asked that I give her a call later next week. I didn’t inquire, but I’ll not be surprised if she’d started moving some of that stuff herself, and likely so, since I’d mentioned something about her sorting out what she no longer wants to keep, and knowing her, she must’ve over-done it.

With more free time, I went to work on preparing a preliminary closing statement on a file that’s closing, and then emailed it to the lender. There was one bill I’d not yet received, so I emailed the company and asked that they forward it to both the lender and myself. That’ll be another file I’ll be glad to have closed, as that particular bank is notorious for waiting until the last minute to get everything done on their side.

After finishing up on that one, I proceeded to work on another which was missing a loan payoff, so I called the seller, and fortunately, he was able to get one online, and forwarded to me. That was the only missing piece on my side of the fence, so now it’s the big wait for the buyer’s lender to get that loan fully approved and set to close, which happens to be with the bank I’d sent a stinging email to several days ago.

After having all my office work done and calls returned, I headed out to the back of my office and mowed its grassy area with my reel push mower. I always think it’s funny when seeing how people, when driving down my back-alley, always give me a second look whenever I’m pushing that motor-less mower. I dare say I’ve not seen anyone else using one for years. You would think all of those who’re “earth-friendly” would buy one and use it to cut their grass, as they’re really not that expensive, as well as easy to push. What always gives me a pleasant feeling when mowing with it, is my recalling all the many years I’d mowed my grandmother’s yard with her “reel”. She didn’t have a standard-sized yard, but there was a steep hill that had to be navigated which created a cumbersome task every time I mowed. That home is still standing, but its house and yard doesn’t look even half as good as it did during the many years she lived there. Her home was supposed to stay in our family, but that’s another long story which centered around the way in which her will was ill-prepared. All’s been forgiven, but not forgotten.

After finishing up that grassy area, I took a small break, and then headed out to do some more yard work which centered around raking up pine cones and pulling weeds and volunteer seedings of those nasty European Buckthorns. The general population of our City has no idea how many thousands of those invasive bushes we have growing here. The seeds from just one of them are yearly being spread far-and-wide by the birds that eat their berries, and usually end up being “dumped-off” in their wide-fly ranges. I quit counting how many times I’ve been stabbed by one of their branches. I do what I can to keep them from spreading, but for our County to be rid of them entirely, would take a City-wide/County-wide effort, and unfortunately, there’d have to be a continued follow-up on them since their seeds are able to lay dormant for years. I believe our best bet, would be for some sort of information being sent to all our residents regarding what they look like, and what to do to get rid of them. Just for example, that old railroad right-of-way they’re turning into a bike trail, have deep slope-sides of that path that’re riddled with them. Now don’t be alarmed by my asking, “Is there an arborist on this flight?”

After finishing up, I headed over to a groceteria to pick up a few things, and again happened to run into the guy who always makes me laugh. He was walking in while I was heading out, and when I happened to see something just past him, I spied a crumpled dollar bill. When he noticed me walking over to pick it up, he yelled, “That’s mine!” “Ya right.” I said, and put it in my pocket while saying, “It’s going into my little box that contains all the paper money and coins I’ve found outdoors in recent years.” Of course he had some clever remark about what I’m planning to do with so small a sum.

While we were visiting, I showed him a package of frozen chicken I’d just purchased which read on the bottom, Htchd., Raisd, Hrvstd–USA. I couldn’t help making joke about such when saying, “Where do all the other frozen chicken suppliers get theirs? China maybe?” I fully understand how much we must watch where something’s made, but to put country of origin on chicken? Now that’s going too far. Yes, we sure have a way of getting each other to the point of belly-laughs. It was all good.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Whenever leaving beautiful places, make sure to carry them with you wherever you go, as even in your darkest of hours, they’ll offer guiding comforts.

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