Dangerous Inconveniences

As we move closer to real summer, our mornings aren’t as cold, and the days are slowly growing longer, but at least I didn’t see any frost in the lowlands while driving to work, which was a good thing for our gardeners.

Most of my morning centered around getting my new listing at 923 N. Jackson up and running. It’s not a very big house, but it’s sure well-built, and likely having been a custom-build for whomever was its first owner, and the reason for me saying such, is the built-in drop-front writing desk/bookcase combo that’s right behind its front door. In all the years I’ve sold real estate, never have I before seen a writing desk like it. Oh, what a charming feature to have in a home.

I’m not expecting to have it on the market very long, as that particular price range is very limited, and when considering it has newer thermal windows, central air, and circuit breaker wiring, along with a basement that looks like it’s never taken in water, I’d say that gem’s on the top of the list to be the next home in our City to go under contract, so if you know any current tenants who’ve been looking to fire their landlords, please have them give me a call. It’s quite the cutie.

Not but a few years ago, I knew an elderly lady who owned a home several blocks away from my new listing, and when comparing what she got for that house being cursed with a basement that leaked like sieve, I’d take my new listing in a New York second, even when considering hers had a newer double garage.

What I really don’t get, are all these buyers insisting on having double garages, yet they’re willing to buy homes with rickety bones and in need of numerous updates just to get one. For me, I’d rather buy a home that fits all the criteria of being safe, sound, and secure, rather than getting their undies in a bundle over not having a double garage. They’ll never understand that it’s cheaper to build a new garage, than it is to re-build a home.

After I got it posted and disseminated out into our cyber universe, I called a couple who’ve been looking for an investment property, and since they had time to look, I met them out at the house around mid-afternoon. After giving it their looking-over, they did say it was a good candidate, but they’ll have to talk it over and get back to me, which was fine by me. Unfortunately for them, they’re not fully up to speed as to how fast homes have been selling these recent months. Oh well, if they don’t get it bought, someone else will. Another agent just now called wanting to show it tomorrow morning, which is just the beginning of the phone calls and text messages I’ll be getting.

A dear one stopped by today to gift me a half-dozen tomato plants which looked quite healthy and ready for planting. Fortunately, they’re the organic variety which as chance would have it, were the same variety we planted for years when selling to our general public. I’ll now have to figure out where I’m going to plant them, just so they don’t cross with the ones I have started. That was a very kind gesture on my friend’s part.

While driving back to office, I suddenly realized our dear City hadn’t yet published something in our local “rag” newspaper regarding Kevin Jacobson’s many years of dedicated public service, and if they don’t, it’ll be just another confirmation of the type of characters we have steering our City’s government. I’ll be anxiously waiting to see.

I spoke with the owner of 619 – 3rd St. SE today, and we decided it best to have another public open house on it this Saturday from 1:00 – 3:00 pm. We’ve had a number of good showings, but no offers as of yet. Yes, it’s only been on the market a short time, but I thought for sure we’d have it under contract by now. I’m becoming more convinced we have a number of high-end buyers and low-enders, but the mid-rangers are weakening. Every time I see these first-time buyers paying upwards of $200K for a home, I just shake my head in dis-belief while continuing to adjust to our changing world’s mentalities. Since this pandemic arrived, it’s been a progressive education for me.

That mortgage payoff I’ve been waiting for from an attorney’s office, still hasn’t arrived, and if I don’t get it tomorrow, I’ll be fit to be tied. These corporate banks really need to be chastised by whatever banking oversights we have, because keeping a seller on the hook for no reason other than they can, makes a person’s blood boil. Now you see why I really don’t like dealing with big corporations, because you don’t even know if their call centers are located on our Country’s soil. There’s no reason for them to do that other than saving every nickel they can in wages. Shame on all of them.

I’m really on the gripe tonight when saying how exceptionally annoying it was for me today when having to wait for another sub-contracting company of our City, to paint those stripes on the intersections of our major roadways. Now if I were the City, I’d be insisting they not be doing that during the busiest times of our day, instead of being out there when our traffic count is at its highest. Those line-painters were creating dangerous inconveniences for our drivers. So if there’s an accident, who’s at fault?

On another note. I did want to mention something about that pickled fish recipe I shared last night, and the more I thought about its ingredients, the more I was convinced the end product of it being very much like pickled herring which is very good as long as its brine hasn’t started clouding-over from age. I can’t wait for the opportunity to make a batch.

Tonight’s One-liner is: First-rate people hire first-rate people, and second-rate people hire third-rate people.

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