The Cloud is Gathering

Today’s chilly air was sure going to my bones, and no matter how much I tried to keep warm, it just kept creeping in, so all I could do was to keep myself as busied as possible while doing everything I could to ignore it.

I read a very long article on BBC Online early this morning regarding a fire that broke out in Portugal several years ago which killed a number of people. The more I read, the more I was convinced these new types of fires are due to climate change. Since then, the scientists have discovered other similar fires that’ve taken place in South America. When biblically talking about raining fire, that’s about what those uniquely monstrous fire-storms did, along with the staggering amount devastation and lives lost. Of course I wasn’t surprised when reading our meteorologists are now saying we’re now entering a “mild” drought stage in our area. Let’s hope we soon get some much-needed rain.

Most of my morning was spent getting my continuing education schedule slated for these coming weeks and months. Oh, if I don’t hate having to go thru those classes every three years, and what’s going to make it even more annoying, is my having to use “Zoom” for all of them. I dare say by the time I’m finished, I’ll be all “zoomed out”. Oh well, these ever-changing times are re-making the way in which we conduct business. The gal at the Des Moines office was nice enough to steer me in the right direction as to what classes were available. I had to laugh to myself when reading their attendance requirements, along with there being no peripheral distractions allowed after their classes start. I’m wondering if I should wear something overly casual or stuffed-shirt formal. We’ll see what mood I’m in that morning. One positive thing, will my being able to sit in my favorite office chair instead of those hard-bottomed ones they have out at NIACC. It’ll be interesting to see how many breaks they’ll be offering.

Around noontime, I went out and previewed another home, and then proceeded to place my public open house signs in conspicuous locations near the home I’ll be hosting tomorrow afternoon. I’m actively working on getting that beauty sold, so maybe tomorrow’s open will produce a good buyer.

While out, I stopped at a drive-thru and grabbed a sandwich and headed back to office where I gobbled it down and then went back to getting two files prepared for their closings next week. It still amazes me how quickly time flies whenever I’m deeply immersed in a project, but glad I stuck to it and had them fully readied.

One of the sellers stopped by to sign his transfer docs, and while there, we had a nice chat about this and that, but what surprised me, was his keen interest in my jade plants which stand as sentinels in the front window of my office. Having found he’s quite the plant-lover, I promised to re-pot one of their “babies” and give it to him. He was quite excited about it, and for sure I’ll be preparing one for delivery. It’s always refreshing to find young people interested in natural things, and as a matter of fact, he also informed me that he’s getting back into wood carving, but only on a small scale. I didn’t even realize he had such tools. Good for him.

Before heading home, I realized I needed but one thing from a groceteria, so I stopped and grabbed what I needed, but unfortunately, I was button-holed by a client I’d not seen in months. Wow. That was one very long “aisle-chat”, and I think I’d still be there had I not cut our conversation short. While driving home, I was beginning to wonder if he was starving for socialization since he’s now retired and living in the country. I do remember him being very shy when I sold them their first home, but after that wore off, he soon became quite the lover of conversation. I did ask he give me a call so I could stop out and see what improvements he’s made since purchasing it. I’m sure when the weather’s pleasant, I’ll be getting a call. I’ll be a fun drive as long as I don’t get caught by a train while driving there since he’s pretty close to a rail line. I’ll have to ask if he’s now used to hearing those nasty train whistles, as I’d personally not want to live that close to an actively used railroad track.

I was informed by another agent late this afternoon, that I’ll be getting an offer on 923 N Jackson emailed to me this evening. There were four showings on that charming little home today, and not a bit surprised to find someone liking it that much. I’m of the belief that if a person would take the time to do the right cosmetics on it, the value of it would be far more that the cost of those improvements. If I had nothing better to do, I’d buy it, trick it out, and then sell it to a waiting and wanting buyer.

One of my colleagues called today to talk about how “the cloud” is gathering far too much information on our population, along with vendors and service providers asking for more information than they actually need. Now why in the world would anyone want to give a utility company their social security number? I recently found out that many of them are, and you can be sure I’d say to them, “I’ll give you my driver’s license number, but never my social security number, and especially now when hearing about another cyber-attack on a major gas supplier in our Country. Nope, I ain’t gonna give it.

We also talked about the over-use of credit cards when making purchases, and especially the online ones. Most of our general public haven’t a clue how many billions of dollars are stolen from our citizens on a yearly basis. One of those investigators told me some years ago, their numbers are staggering. I’ll continue to write checks and mail them off for as long as I can, because I think it best not to give service providers our credit card information and/or checking account numbers. Yes, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Tonight’s One-liner is: I never cease being dumbfounded by the unbelievable things people believe.

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