Reoccurring Bouts

A very early appointment to show a home had me up and out all the sooner this morning, and in spite of my being rushed to make it on time, I got there a few minutes before the buyers arrived. Such an early appointment was just one more reminder that when in real estate, good agents will do their very best to accommodate buyers and sellers, and today’s reason for it being so early, was the fact that one of the buyers just got off work at 6:00 a.m., which for me, has always been a killer shift, as many years ago, I worked an 11 to 7 shift for about six months, and decided I just couldn’t get acclimated to it, so I left and went to another company offering daylight hours.

There’ve been many studies done on why some can’t get used to working nights and sleeping days, and in spite of the many reasons, I personally couldn’t get myself to go to sleep upon my return home, so I’d end up working at something else until I was ready to drop. Well, that wasn’t a good thing to do because I never did get even close to eight hours sleep which by the time the weekends arrived, I’d be sleeping sometimes 12 or more just trying to catch up on my rest. I can still remember how it felt when being deprived of sleep, and as we all know, sleep deprivation is a form of torture that’s been used by information-gatherers for generations.

The showing went well, and what I found the most interesting, was the way in which the early morning sun was shining thru that home’s windows which caused me to understand why the windows in the kitchen and dining room were installed in their locations, as whomever had it built, insisted on having soft beams of early morning light to get their day started off on the right track. To heck with energy efficiency, as I’d rather have oodles of light coming in from all directions instead of being cooped up in darkened holes. Truth be told, I can’t remember a time when I didn’t enjoy natural light.

I did ask my buyers how their pre-approval process was going, as I’m turning into a real stickler when it comes to having one in hand before I write an offer, and especially in these times when our market is moving so quickly, and if someone doesn’t have one, then it’s possible that home could be tied up for weeks and end up missing out on a bona-fide buyer.

Just recently I received an offer on one of my listings, and wouldn’t you know, the agent didn’t include a copy of the buyer’s pre-approval letter, and only wrote into the contract, “pre-approved”. Really? Now what does that mean? For me it sounds like that buyer just went out and got pre-approved for loan on a used car loan. What really bristled me, was the fact, that agent knowing fully-well I’d be insisting on one being attached from a legitimate lending institution.

Upon return to office, I changed my clothes and headed out to get some much-needed mowing done before our over-due rain arrived. It all went well, but since today was my first outing, I had to get myself back into my mowing mindset. While out, I noticed a familiar’s yard being in a desperate need of clipping, and since I know she’s struggling financially, I went ahead and mowed it. I would’ve liked to see the look on her face upon return, as she’s now likely thinking one of the neighbors did it, as they’ve assisted in the past. I’m surprised the City didn’t leave a little note on her door saying something about having it cut and then billing her for it. Yes, it was getting very tall.

After I’d finished, it was time for me to stop over at a dear one’s home to get a good look at it so I could prepare an estimate of value for her. She’s made up her mind about moving out of State, and only because she has no relatives living here, and since she’s had some recent health problems, her fear factors have been growing.

Once I had my full inspection completed, we sat down and had a good visit. I was internally saddened when she spoke about having lived alone for over 40 years and not having much of a problem with it, but after this pandemic arrived, she was hit head-on with reoccurring bouts of loneliness which she’s never experienced before. Thank goodness she’s got a caring relative who’s wanting to take her in. What jolted me the most, was when she said, “I’ve been all the more haunted by thoughts of my mailbox being over-filled with mail until one day the delivery person would contact the police, and I’d be found dead for weeks on my floor.” After she said that, I couldn’t have agreed more with her wanting to sell.

That real-life conversation was just another example of how our elderly have been reacting to these many months of being confined, and all the more reason why we should be doing all we can to ease the pains of their loneliness. I did insist for her to make a list of things she wanted done which she physically couldn’t do, so when spare time would allow, I’d go over and help her. Before leaving, I reminded her that I’d be coming by again to review my opinion of value, and for her to have her list started. I said that because I’d rather not have her getting overwrought when knowing her day of moving will be coming up more sooner than later. I know fully well, such last-minute rushes are not metaphysically good for our elderly.

My last duty of the day, was to work on preparing other opinions of value completed which were on my “back burner” for the past three days. I’m not one to have open files lying around very long, so I buckled down and got them finished up, and then called the sellers. Once again, most of our elderly homeowners have no clue as to how much our real estate values have been spiking. Let’s just say we’re well in the midst of sticker-shock valuations, and there’s nothing more we can do about it other that just ride its wave.

Tonight’s One-liner is: In the Spring, and at the end of the day, we should smell like dirt.

Joe Chodur

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