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Being blessed with a relatively calm day accompanied by sunshine, I dare say we couldn’t have asked for more, and especially since it’s Mother’s Day, and from what I’ve been seeing and hearing, our temps are only going to be in the 60’s the rest of this week, which is always near perfect for me, but only as long as that wicked wind isn’t blowing.

The first order of this day, was to head back to my quiet little corner to get my contemplative prayer session started, and that’s exactly what I did. For the first time in nearly a week, I was finally able to return to the level in which I’d worked so hard to attain. For the strangest of reasons, I must’ve been in a spiritual “funk” last week, and truth be told, I have absolutely no idea why. Yes, today’s session was refreshing to say the least.

I then decided to call one of my dear friends for our near-weekly chat. There’s always some recent happing worth sharing, which he in turn, spits his dark-humored remarks which prompts a laugh or two. I couldn’t help mentioning today my having seen someone in my rearview mirror, and for the strangest of reasons, exhibited the face of a shaved monkey. I’ve seen that person many times before, but when getting a glimpse in my rear-view, I swear I was looking at a white monkey’s face. Of course I had to share with my friend how I sometimes run across people who have eyes that are too close to their noses, and others in possession of a set being too far away. I’ve always found it a little creepy when seeing such eye placements. He agreed, along with making another remarkable comment. Now don’t get me wrong when speaking of the various physical appearances of others, as I know fully-well we’re all God’s creatures, great and small.

After hanging up, I decided to go out and get some menial work done, and by the time I finished, I certainly smelled of Spring, as I was quite soiled. One thing I did manage to finally get done, was the mowing and weeding of that grassy area behind my office. I knew it was going to take several hours, and that’s exactly what it did. After I walked back inside, I noticed all the sparrows and finches darting about on the ground and feasting on whatever my mower and my weed-pulling had revealed. I really have to remember to get a finch feeder installed back there, as I’ve always enjoyed watching them. For sure, I’ll have to find one that’s squirrel-proof. Yes, we have a number of them living in our Historic Downtown, and still have no idea where they’re “roosting” during the night. If you haven’t noticed, I consider those vile creatures nothing less than bushy-tailed tree rats.

I had to stop over to a hardware store and purchase a few items, and then headed to a groceteria to grab a few things I was lacking. While there, I ran into an old client who had me button-holed for a good fifteen minutes, and unfortunately I soon discovered he’s an avid fan of Fox News, which as far as I’m concerned, is Fox Entertainment. As well you know, I’ve shared my opinions about the far-right mentalities, as well as the far-left, and made sure you’re all aware I’m a hard-core centrist who’s fiscally conservative and socially progressive. Thank goodness I haven’t been forced to drink either of those radical groups’ “Kool-aide”. What’s become of the many who’ve looked at various situations thru the glasses of a realiest?

I just happened to read in the “Glob” this morning, an article about a young family who recently purchased the old “Corner Drug” in Clear Lake. Of course curious me had to look online and see what they paid for it. I had one yell-of-a jaw drop when seeing they paid a whopping $450K for it. You can only imagine what their real estate taxes and insurance are on it, along with its utility costs due to it being an old brick building on a corner which has it’s long-side exposed to the elements. I wish them well, but I can tell you they’re gonna have to sell hundreds of gallons of ice cream and sodas, just to break even. Of course being a realist when saying Clear Lake is a tourist town which begins on Memorial Day, and then ends on Labor Day. Now tell me, how many of you are wanting to go out for a soda or ice cream when it’s below freezing outdoors? As we all know, Birdsall’s managed to hang in there for many years due to their long-standing brand name in our community, as well as their having lower overheads. Once again, I wish that young couple the best of luck in their new endeavors.

While driving up on our “North End” today, I noticed that little Mexican Cafe is now closed which opened not even a year ago. I remember reading a glossy-big article about her in the “Glob”, and the first question that came to my mind was, “How in the heck does she think she’ll make it clear up there?”. Well, it soon became a sad reality. Now if she’d opened up shop in one of our Downtown storefronts, I’d say she would’ve had a fighting chance to get thru her first “make or break” year in business. I’ll have to see if I can find her name and give her a call, just to find out what really took her down. You have no idea how much I dislike seeing locally-owned businesses fail or close due to retirement.

Before heading home, I stopped at an outdoor garden center, just to see if they had anything interesting for sale. Another jaw-drop took place when seeing a normal-sized plastic hanging-basket of a geranium selling for $27.00. Wow. It appears the prices on various flowers and plants has gone up as well. What gives?

I hope all the good mothers in our world had a delightful day filled with many thanks and offerings, while all the bad ones being served their due rewards. I just now remembered a certain mother who’d often refer to one of her dis-liked siblings as the “D.A.”, and right in front of her children no less. Now that’s not a being good mother in my book, as she was setting many poor examples for her hatchlings.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Now and then, it’s good to take pause in our pursuit of happiness, and just be happy.

Joe Chodur

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