To a New Low

Expecting our weather to be a repeat of these past several days, I made the mistake of dressing in a more summer fashion, and wouldn’t you know, it wasn’t, which left me half-chilled the entire day. Now if my mother were still alive, she’d be saying something like, “Now that’s what you get for rushing summer.” With rain in our forecast these coming days, you can be sure I’ll be dressing more appropriately.

Pretty much my entire morning was spent on getting my quarterly accounting done, along with balancing statements to my ledgers. Unfortunately, I’d made one posting error which I had to dig for, and then being an even more elusive search, was finding a two cent difference between a bank statement and my journal. I was beginning to think I was losing it until I’d noticed that my bank had made an entry error on a check I wrote out. Wicked me called the branch manager to tell her they needed to credit my account two pennies because the error was on them. Of course I had to insist me not being that much of a scrooge, but rather not wanting to do any sort of errors and omissions entry on my side. She understood and credited my account with two pennies.

My after-lunch appointment at office, was with one of my sellers who needed to sign her transfer docs before this Friday’s scheduled closing. After getting them signed, we had a nice chat regarding the likely ripple-effects these high assessments are going to create for those who’re already struggling. The thought of more rental barons doing no more than they have to regarding improvements on their properties, as they’ll see as being a good reason for our City Assessor to raise their tax assessments, as well as another by-product of it, being other landlords raising rents on their tenants, just so their higher taxes will be passed on-down to them. Sounds like another one of those toxic trickle-down theories which nearly always place the financial burdens upon the shoulders of those at the bottom. I shared with her one particular landlord’s increase which amounted to over $55K, which would equate to having another income-producing rental, but not. It’ll be interesting to hear how she’s going to handle her future real estate tax increases.

After my appointment left, I headed over to a store to buy another batch of sympathy cards, just so I’d have a continued supply on-hand. While I was getting checked out by one of my favorites, I couldn’t help exclaiming, “I wish people would stop dying!” The woman waiting next to me quietly said with a curious expression on her face, “You wish people would stop dying?” Of course she didn’t realize I was buying additional sympathy cards, so I had to explain myself. My friendly clerk then added, “Two of my best friends were recently taken by Covid.” Yes it’s slowing thinning down our population, and what’s got me exceptionally concerned, is that doubly-mutated strain from India that’s been confirmed in one of our States, which could very possibly create an even more deadly third-wave. We’d better hope it doesn’t hit our State because it’ll be disastrous, and especially if our Governor keeps opening up our State all the more.

I did read another article today regarding some of our world virologists agreeing to get together to find the root-cause of this pandemic, and again they mentioned how much more the fingers of guilt will be on the Chinese government for not allowing full transparency for those visiting researchers. Now tell me. Why would you not allow full disclosure, when you’ve been vehemently insisting from the very beginning, you’ve got nothing to hide? Sounds kinda fishy doesn’t it?

I had to laugh to myself when reading a few lines a client text me this afternoon, and the thrust of it, was to tell me he’d seen someone we both know while out and about, and finding that aged-male having grown a ponytail. Ouch! I’m glad I didn’t have the luxury of seeing it, as I’ve already been bombarded with sightings of elder-males appearing as though they’ve come off the set of some barbaric movie in the making. Once again. Please tell me how anyone could feel good about themselves when appearing like that in public. If one of them be me, I personally wouldn’t even want to look at myself in a mirror for fear of frightening the “yell” out of myself.

Before heading home, I made a not-so-quick stop at Fleet Farm to pick up a few things they alone sell, and after poking around with my looking at a few other items, I headed to their check-out. Believe it or not, there were only two lanes open and at least six-deep shoppers on each. I stood there for about five minutes, and after seeing little or no movement, I walked away, put what I wanted back on their shelves, and left.

It seems more of our stores are running short-handed of help, which is causing me to wonder if they’re trying to save on their payroll expenses, or if people just don’t want to work anymore. Yes, I’m sure you’ve all seen the many signs posted at different locations looking for help. I’m not so sure those stimulus checks that’d gone out, are hurting instead of helping our economy. Now if it were me, I’d be going bat-shite crazy if that’s all I did all day was sit around at home while waiting for another freebie check from Uncle Sam. Personally, I wouldn’t even care if I had to work at pulling weeds all day in an onion field. Don’t you think the work ethic in our Country has dropped too low?

While on the phone today with one of my “dears”, I shared my determination on why some go out of their way to torment and ridicule others, and my conclusion being, they can’t stand seeing someone happier than they are, so they diligently work at pulling them down to their own levels of unhappiness. She fully agreed, along with adding that toxic people can really create long-lasting psychological damages. After going thru my own baptism in fire regarding the mean-spiritedness of a group, I’m all the more watchful for similar signs in others. Why can’t we all create our own happiness instead of trying to destroy those having been honestly built by others?

Tonight’s One-liner is: In the whole scheme of ALL, more sooner than later, dark-spirit people pay for what they do, and still more for what they’ve allowed themselves to become.

Joe Chodur

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