Bubbling Up

First thing this morning, I checked on our outdoor temp, and immediately shivered when seeing it 17 below zero. It now appears we’re going to have three more nights of this craziness. I’m sure all these recent transplants to our area from warmer climes, are now wondering if they’d made a huge mistake when moving to this frigid zone. As I mentioned to someone this morning, the jet stream has wobbled down into our area, and likely the temps in the arctic being abnormally warmer. Just now looking at Fairbanks Alaska’s temperature, they’re warmer than we are, which is normally unheard of. Their daytime temps these next three days, are definitely going to be higher than ours. I pulled up that particular city because they’re farther inland and usually much colder. It’s no wonder our scientists are finding the arctic warming faster than the rest of our world.

I bundled up really good, and then drove to my office and took care of my Sunday morning spiritual exercise. I’m sure you’ve heard me say a number of times already how thankful I am to have returned to a form of prayer which I’d drifted away from over 20 years ago. It’s just one more example of how from bad things come good things as long as we reach/look for them. There’s no question this pandemic is what triggered my return to contemplative prayer. I’ll likely never be able to admit me being an angel or saint, but I can soulfully say, I’ve found myself having become a better person by holding fast to my spiritual exercises. You’ll likely never see any outward changes in me, as they’re all inward.

After getting a few chores done, I decided to take a drive in the countryside which lasted about an hour. I hadn’t take my camera because I didn’t think there’d be anything photo worthy. How wrong I was when seeing a half-dozen wild turkeys roosting in a clump of trees on a fence-line. They had their feathers all ruffled up to keep warm, which made them appear even larger. I’m still amazed at how their populations have grown in North Iowa, because back when I was young, you’d have to go over to forested areas of Eastern Iowa to possibly get even a quick glimpse of one.

I haven’t seen any deer running around these cold days, which means they must be hunkered down in some thick clump of trees just to stay out of the wind. I’m still looking for the right natural hedge-barrier to keep those devils out of my garden. I figure if I can find the right one, I’ll not only be creating a deer barrier, but also another form of windbreak. These straight-line winds we’ve had these past five years, have been devastating in our community. I just hope we never get a derecho moving across North Iowa and be as devastating as the one that hit Cedar Rapids this past year. I talked to someone several weeks ago who has family living there and saying they’re still cleaning up after that storm.

The direction in which our real estate market is moving, is still iffy, and I’m growing all the more convinced we’re going to have some slim pickings this year, which means we’ll be seeing Realtors competing like we’ve not seen in many decades. Of course I remember a time when our current market being somewhat like that, and let me tell you, there were some real agent conflicts back then. I’ll never forget the time I happened to sell a woman a home, and shortly after finalizing the purchase agreement, she admitted having also looked at homes with another agent. Ugh! Well, the next time I saw that agent, he was so angry with me to where he said, “If you were walking across the street, I think I’d actually run over you.” Never will I forget his words. I’ve been angry about such situations happening with me, but you know what? Real estate agents don’t own buyers.

Just this past year, I wasted innumerable hours with buyers who bought either from another agent, or purchased Zillow for-sale-by-owners. Am I angry about it? No, but as always, I just send it all out into the universe and leave karma get it sorted out, as it’s all water under the bridge and can’t be changed. You can be sure there are several couples who’ll go out of their way to avoid running into me, but it’s all on them–not me.

With these continued below-zero temps, you can be sure there’ll be some underground water lines frozen because we don’t have a heavy snow-cover to help insulate our sub-soil. The real scary part, is if it starts warming too quickly, it’ll then drive the frost even deeper. Should such a scenario happen, be prepared to see water bubbling up at our curbsides.

With my afternoon free, I went back over to my little/big project and worked for about four hours. Yes, that was an hour too long, but I wanted to get just one last thing accomplished before throwing in the towel. I must admit, after each day’s work, it’s looking all the better. As long as I’m not having to pay a whole-lot of attention to what I’m doing, such quiet times alone, offer much needed periods to do some additional deep thinking, as well as soul cleansing. If more would learn to put their minds on auto-drive, they wouldn’t be complaining about how tedious and time consuming their labor intensive projects are. The next time you’re confronted with a menial task, flip your minds to auto-drive, which will then allow your shows to begin.

It came as no surprise to hear the WHO scientists coming back from China with results being inconclusive, and only due to the Chinese Govt. not allowing access to critical data. Can you imagine living in countries like Russia and China where there’s no transparency? I’m left believing those governments are treating their citizens in fashions akin to modern-day metaphysical slavery. I’m now wondering how many actual suicides there are in those countries, and especially the young who’ve seen glimpses of what having a real life is like in democratic countries. Too sad for me to even think about.

Tonight’s One-liner is: I’m of the belief, my father considered his time spent lake-side fishing, as the equivalent of churchgoing.

Joe Chodur

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