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Now if the weather forecasters don’t change their minds once again, after tonight, we shouldn’t have to be enduring anymore bitterly cold overnight lows because it’s supposed to gradually start warming up once more. In spite of our sun shining brightly today, it was still darned cold outdoors to the point of me leaving my car running while showing several homes. I knew one of the homes didn’t have its sidewalks shoveled, so I ran over and got them cleared off before the buyers arrived.

Since I have that bank of front windows at my office which face west, my furnace was working over-time, just to keep the chill radiating from them at bay. I actually had to put a sweater on while working at my desk just because of it. Yes, this bitter cold can be quite crippling. When finding us in the midst of weather like this, I’m a bit in disbelief we’re almost a month away from our official first day of Spring.

One of the homes I showed, was my listing at 114 – 11th St. NE, and not to my surprise, the buyers liked it the best from what they’d seen. Thank goodness there are still some young couples out there who can look past decorating and see rock-solid values. We spent a good hour looking it over, and from my estimation, I’d say they’ll be giving me another call to look at it again. I do hope they purchase it because I’m convinced they’ll be a good fit for both that particular home as well as its neighborhood.

I had a pre-listing appointment with some sellers today, just so we’d all be on the same page when it hits the market. There’s no doubt in my mind it’ll sell, as there’s just not that many homes to choose from these recent months. It won’t surprise me if there’ll be multiple offers on it when it does hit due to the many extra features being offered in its price range.

While at my office, one of my clients mentioned how beautiful those two potted jade plants I have up front. I couldn’t help saying, “You’ve got taste because there’ve been many pedestrians who’ve stopped at those windows just to give them a good looking -over.” I went on to say how I believe any plants growing up front, get just the right amount of light because I’ve never seen plants grow as well as they do in that area of my office. I still can’t believe that avocado tree I planted from seed, continued to grow for over 13 years until I found it a new home. The last I heard, it’s growing very well in it’s better-suited environment. I was promised the first ripened avocado from it. We’ll see.

Just this past week, I’ve been noticing the many hundreds of crows that’ve made camp in our City. I can’t remember a time having not despised those loathsome creatures. I wish we had more of their natural predators nesting in North Iowa, because their numbers have risen tenfold. We now have an over-abundance of crows, coyotes, and deer, so what’s next? I suspect the “next” are going to be those burrowing woodchucks, as just this past year, I’ve seen at least twice the number of their holes, along with people from the general public complaining about them. Yes, they can do some major damage to footings and foundations, and not to mention their great lust for the taste of homegrown cantaloupe and watermelon.

It looks like we’re going to have clear skies and a crescent moon tonight, which means our temps will likely be dropping down to the predicted -20 below. I heard today about one waterline that’d frozen, and before this is all over, there’ll be more. As I mentioned, a light snow cover allows for this intense cold to go deeper. Yes, we could be having it even worse like those poor devils in the States to the south and east of us. From what I read, they’ll be having some record-breaking lows. On the positive side, at least we can say we’re more used to coping with it all.

I was a bit tiny bit more than a little irritated with another Realtor this morning after trying to reach her by phone and then by text, and only because I needed to know if a certain listing of hers was still available. About a half hour later, I received a text back saying only, “A/O”. I questioningly looked at it, and then looked again until I suspected she was cryptically telling me she had an “accepted offer on it”. Now tell me truthfully, wouldn’t you be annoyed at such a response? Wow, and to think she’s no spring chicken and should know better than answering a question in such a fashion. In fact, at first glance I thought it was an acronym for Alpha/Omega. Such nonsense causes one to wonder where we’ll all be ten years from now. That line from The Wizard of Oz being, “We ain’t in Kansas anymore.”, comes to mind quite often of late.

Speaking of changes, have you noticed how much more clever these “bot” calls are becoming, to where the numbers they’re using appearing local? I couldn’t possibly recall how many I get on both my landline office phone, as well as my mobile. Thank goodness I can still recognize those canned voices, and then immediately hang up. The most annoying one is, “Don’t hang up. This is an important message.” Do I ever wait for such important messages? Absolutely not.

I had a good laugh this afternoon when asked to go and look at a house several tenants had moved out of, and believe you me, they left it a pigpen. The owner proceeded to show me two shop-vac bags full of dirt, cat hair, and debris that came from it’s interior.  When he told me what their professions were, all I could say was, “Looks like you had some top-drawer hillbillies living here.” We got a good chuckle out of it which hopefully put it all in perspective for him. The first clue he had regarding their domestic disabilities, was their using ice melt on its walks instead of simply shoveling the snow. Now that’s what I’d call being lazy with a capital L.

Tonight’s One-liner is: There is one condition worse than blindness, and that is, seeing something that isn’t there.

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