A Good Looking-over

It appears we’ve got snow coming our way, but possibly we won’t be getting as much because it’s been lightly raining since early afternoon. If we do get a measurable amount, be prepared because it’s going to be heavy shoveling in the morning. I was lifted when one of my older clients said today, “Just remember, once we get past Buddy Holly weekend which usually straddles the end of January and/or first of February, it will all be downhill from there.” Yes, he was completely correct.

Most of my early morning was spent returning emails and doing some desk work. I later headed out to an office to drop something off, and while there, had a very good soulful conversation with one of their secretaries. We both agreed that this past year has been one where our minds, bodies and souls were put to some of some of the greatest of challenges. I was happy to hear she’s having the same good “feeling” I am regarding our year ahead. While there, I shared my thoughts about some of the psychological vampires in our world who do everything they can to milk us dry of our energy. She had a good laugh when saying, “You bet I know about them because I’ve had pull a few off of me this past year.” Too funny.

An out-of-State customer asked me to check on a home for him mid-morning, so I drove out and gave it a really good looking-over. I wasn’t able to do as much looking around outdoors because of the misty rain, but I made up for it with a more complete interior investigative inspection.

When I returned to office, I placed a call to him and shared my thoughts about it. Since I’m not one who’s easily wowed by something, I couldn’t help sharing my thoughts about its quality of construction and lay-out. I did highly recommend he make a quick trip to Mason City and have a look for himself. I’m pretty sure he’ll come, but likely have to make some work schedule arrangements to get here. I’m glad he asked me to look at it because now I know the interior of yet one more home in our City.

Since my office fridge is usually at a barebones, I made myself a hard salami sandwich for lunch which was just enough to get me thru the rest of my day. Speaking of hard salami, I was in near shock when looking at the ingredients of all the different brands of it and finding all of them except one, containing some sort of sugar and MSG. The only brand containing neither, was Hillshire Farms which is owned by Tyson Foods. I absolutely cannot believe how many of our processed foods have some sort of sugar added. It comes as no surprise why our numbers are noticeably growing of those who’re continually adding pounds. The taste and texture of Hillshire Farm’s hard salami, reminds me of what was sold back when I was young. Of course it’s more expensive which also makes no sense unless the other brands are using that MSG and sugars to mask the taste of inferior ingredients.

Another food most everyone eats is bread, which now also has sugar added. The next time you’re at a groceteria, check out the ingredients contained in loaves of various brands of bread. Almost always you’ll find some sort of sweetener contained. It just doesn’t make sense to me because my mother baked bread for many years and never put sugar in it unless she was making sweet rolls. Just these last few years when stopping to grab a quick hamburger at a drive-thru, I almost always throw the top of the bun away because if I don’t, the sandwich tastes too sweet. Corporate has done a very good job of getting our society hooked on sugars which makes absolutely no sense to me. First they got everyone hooked on sodium, and now almost near complete with having us addicted to sugars which I know for a fact, even alters the moods of children. Isn’t it crazy?

After lunch, I went out and listed 2121 S. Georgia which with some tasteful decorating, could be quite the darling showplace. Unfortunately, I was forced to take my interior photos with too many of the owner’s things still there, but I figured if it doesn’t sell right away, I’ll go back out and take new ones once everything is out.

In spite of it being a one bedroom, it’s much larger to the point it has the same square footage as many of our entry-level two bedroom homes, so if a person didn’t need that second bedroom, it compensates by offering larger rooms sizes. That working gravity furnace in the basement is a real hoot. It’s been at least a decade since I’ve even seen one still working because those “octopuses” seem to run forever, and the main reason most were replaced, is the inability to install central air on them. I sure had my walk down memory lane this afternoon while giving it a good looking-over.

Upon return to office, I entered it online and posted it everywhere I could. As chance would have it, a customer of mine sent me a text asking to see it along with several other homes this coming Saturday afternoon. Not that I’m being pushy on my new listing, I’d say for the money, it’s light years ahead of those I’ll be showing. We’ll see what my buyer’s thoughts are after we’re finished.

With about a half hour to kill before heading home, I sat down to the piano at my office and ran thru several more difficult pieces of music. Since I’m back on the music “circuit”, I now have an incentive to get more learned just so to share. Several weeks ago when visiting with a life-long musician, I mentioned without doubt, music has, and will always be my first love. His only response was, “Ditto”.

When looking outdoors just now, I’m seeing the snow has now arrived and you can bet I’ll be praying we don’t get that much, because those flakes look pretty heavy. Be safe on the sidewalks and streets tomorrow, as for sure, it’s going to be slickery.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Humanity knows far too much more than it fully understands.

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