Cast in Stone Charade

You can bet we were all delighted to find the weather forecasters wrong when stepping outdoors this morning and finding all the fewer inches of snow than what they’d predicted. I’m thinking what they thought would be snow, came down as light rain yesterday afternoon.

While driving to work this morning, I came to the belief our Street Dept. was working on a skeleton crew, and likely due to this pandemic. For the first time in years, I’d not seen as many streets not yet plowed while driving. I was certainly glad to be inside a four wheel drive, as I would’ve likely been stuck at an intersection.

Of course you wouldn’t even have to guess what the bulk of my morning consisted of from the time I pulled up to the front door of my office building. Without hesitation, I changed into my work clothes and headed out to perform my circle of snow removal. Thank goodness the wind wasn’t blowing because if it were, I would’ve had to make a run for somewhere to warm myself every 20 minutes.

By the time lunch hour arrived, I was finishing up and glad for it because I was noticing some breezes beginning to blow. Without a doubt, I had my physical work-out for the week which I likely needed. Every time I see young and healthy looking people out with their mini-snowblowers, I can’t help laughing to myself because the small areas in which they try to maneuver them, could’ve been shoveled by hand in half the time.

I made myself a quick lunch at office, changed my clothes, and went back to being a Realtor for the rest of the day. The first on my list was to get myself prepared for tomorrow and Sunday’s showings. I’ll be busy for most of the afternoon since I already have three homes to show. I scheduled them for later in hopes those owners would have their shoveling done by then.

There were several follow-up calls I had to make to sellers, and one of them had been giving me the slip, but fortunately I did manage to connect with her. Since she’s on a burn to get her home sold, I’m hoping there’ve not been any of those “We’ll buy it now” people contacting her because as we all know, there are far too many of them taking advantage of sellers. Just this past year, I’ve seen some jaw-drop sales taking place by market-ignorant sellers who’ve sold to those bottom-feeders. To this day, I have no idea what type of gimmicks they use to get them to sell so low. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re the likes of some of those high-pressure used car salespeople.

One of my return-callers happened on the subject of a man who for some reason, always seemed to have an axe to grind for me, and since he’s now deceased, we spoke freely about him. We both decided that there was a deep-seated envy/jealously he harbored which made no sense to me because as I’ve said before, “If I were going to be jealous of someone, I sure’s heck would raise my sights considerably higher than focusing on someone like me.” He got a good laugh and then replied, “He must’ve been envious of your personality.” Well, I dare say I can still get a few smiles out of the crabbiest of crabs.

Speaking of personalities, have you ever noticed how some work really hard at being somber. There are some in our City who’ve kept their lizard-lips continually pursed to the point where I’m not sure if they even have all their front teeth. It must be some form of control they believe they can have over others by being overly-rigid.

I had a step-father who wouldn’t smile if his life depended on it whenever around his wife’s people, but it all turned inside-out every time he’d be in the company of his own. Over the years it annoyed me to the point where I would refuse to be part of any gatherings containing “his people” due to the excesses of his cast in stone charade. He maintained those posturings into death, and if you’d even think of attempting to share the real truth with his living bloodline, you’d be sure to have doors slammed in your face. Yes, these things do happen in families far more often than you’d ever imagine.

A call came in from one of my relatives living in the Sunbelt and shocked to hear how hot it was in their city today. She said their recent temps have been breaking records. I proceeded to tell her how our weather patterns have been noticeably different again this season. Let’s hope our climate changes aren’t accelerating faster than the experts have predicted, because if they are, we’re going to be seeing some dramatic changes in this State within our lifetimes. Can you imagine how many more bug problems we’ll be having if our winters continue to warm? Those nasty Japanese beetles I was dealing with this past summer sure made a believer out of me. I can still smell their dead carcasses in those plastic traps I had set for them.

I can tell I’m already getting the itch for Spring to arrive because I’ve been grabbing my seed catalogs and paging thru them whenever time permits. In the past, I would usually steer clear of those Zone 5 plants, but I’m no longer wary considering how our winters have grown milder. Just for fun, I ordered some seeds which’ll grow tall enough to create a permanent hedge row, but I still have my doubts about them making it thru our winters. Those seeds will be my first attempt at growing hedge plantings. I’m still considering the possibility of starting them indoors a month or two before planting time, just so I’ll be able to take better care of them after they’re re-planted outdoors. We’ll see.

For the strangest of reasons, this entire day has felt like a Saturday. How about you?

Tonight’s One-liner is: In these times, it appears to be patriotic for the growing numbers to lie for our country.

Joe Chodur

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