Congratulations! We all made it thru another solstice, and beginning tomorrow, we’ll be entering our first official day of winter along with gradually seeing our days grow longer. While driving up to Northwood for an early appointment, I was fully brought up to speed when seeing how low the sun was in the southeastern sky. With it shining its amber-gold on that County’s bucolic landscapes, there were moments when I believed what I was looking at, a bit on the surrealistic side. The last time I was so moved by a low-hanging sun, was when traveling a number of years ago thru the Baltic countries with my sister in late September. Since those countries are high on our globe, I’m sure what I witnessed one early morning back then, was of like-angles I was visually experiencing this morning. After all these years, my sister and I still confirm that our remarkable odyssey thru those four countries remain as one of our most lasting high points of the numerous excursions we’d taken. I’m sure those countries have all been modernized by now to the point where many of the charming sites we encountered and explored would be near un-recognizable since our arrival there was not long after the fall of Communism.

When I arrived at office this morning, I had more emails to answer, along with getting files even more readied for two closings that I’m very much wanting to have closed before Christmas. Of course I was more glued to my computer while watching and waiting for direction from both the title attorney and the closing agent. In spite of today’s watchful eye, I’m in the same position with those two, as I was upon today’s arrival which has now caused me to internally boil. If this sort of craziness continues, I’ll likely go back to closing cash sales at my office because I’ll at least have more control over the process. And should the title work pipeline continue to be in its current bottleneck, I’ll be putting out feelers after the first of the year to see how quickly other registered attorneys can get their opinions generated because this last hour waiting has grown far too un-nerving for me. Unfortunately, most buyers and sellers don’t realize that after a real estate purchase agreement is ratified, that’s all we become are facilitators, so when things don’t get done in timely manners, the messengers/facilitators end up getting earfuls of complaints and demands.

Now that we’re coming to the end of our year, I realized that I’d not yet purchased my daily planner which I’ve been purchasing since I can’t remember. After finding I’d nothing better to do than watch for emails, I got in my car and drove out to Staples to purchase one. Luckily, I went today because after grabbing the style I’ve grown so used to, I found there to be only one left. When it was scanned and the amount due blinked, I just about had a jaw-drop over its price. Those small books are now almost $40.00! Oh well, I’ve found them always to my liking, so I opened my wallet and paid for it. Upon opening it tomorrow, should I see it was printed in China, I’m not going to be a very unhappy camper because just today when looking at a small box of “specialty” greeting cards, I looked at the back of one of them and it read, “Designed in USA, Made in China.” “Ugh!” Is there anything left in our Country other than chicken feet that’s not made in China?

I don’t know what’s with those west-side store employees and general shoppers because in Staples I noticed one female worker standing in an aisle with her face-mask down around her neck, and since Target was right next door, I figured I’d take a quick run-thru their store since I’ve not darkened their doors in at least a year. I was shocked to see so many people coming and going without masks, but what bristled me the most, was when one big middle-aged brut of a guy cavalierly walked past me mask-less while chewing his gum like a goat. Again, “Ugh!”

I’m been having a few pangs of guilt after finding all the more Christmas cards arriving at my office when knowing I’ve not sent out even one due to this pandemic which is why I’m making all the more holiday phone calls in leu of them. If ever there was a Christmastime that didn’t feel like Christmas, I’d say this year’s is at the top of my list. One of my colleagues mentioned today that as of yesterday, there’ve been millions of people in the world who’re taking flight to near and far destinations. Now wouldn’t you think people would finally realize that all this movement is helping the spread of the China-virus? That outbreak in South Africa is the one I’m convinced has to be fully contained because I’m of the belief, that mutation of it is far more deadly.

I had a nice little chat today with a woman who lives in the country up in Worth County and the center of our conversation was regarding all the wind farms that have sprung up across their lands. I never would’ve dreamed I’d be seeing so many of them east of Hwy 65, but just in these four or five years, their now sprouting on that side of the highway like mushroom farms. I sure wouldn’t want to be living as close as some of them are because I personally can’t stand the noise/vibration they create. I really think it’s over-due for all of our North Iowa counties to place moratoriums on the building of those monsters. Oh, and if you haven’t noticed, the newer ones dwarf the older ones in size. Before hanging up, I did mention that solar power is now becoming the more favored “go to” for renewable energy, and mostly because their efficiency rates are much higher than they were in the beginning. I’ve always been a fan of solar power even back when it was considered a passing “going green” fad. In the near future, you can be sure I’ll be looking into having them installed, and just so I’ll be feeling all the better about creating my own lighter carbon footprint on our suffering natural world. I’ve actually been noticing all the more farmers installing them on their country homesites.

While waiting for emails today, I happened upon an article about Spam. Oh, that canned meat that’s processed and packaged by Hormel up in Austin MN, sure has managed to survive a very many years, and in these times of shortages, I’d say everyone needs to get their pantries “spammed” up just in case our supply-chains of edibles are once again slowed or broken. Just remember, it’s better to be safe and secure than later all the more regretfully sorry.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Truth uttered before its time is always dangerous.

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