Problem Child

Thank goodness it wasn’t as cold out this morning, and once the sun reached into the afternoon, I was delighted to see our temps hovering around 45 degrees. If these warming trends continue, we’ll be finding our winter days being similar to what the far south of Iowa experienced 20 years ago. As well you know, if we’re warming, they’re also getting warmer. Isn’t it beginning to look like the great thaw?

I couldn’t get to my office fast enough to see if the title work on which I’ve been anxiously looking for, had come in after hours, and to my disappointment, it wasn’t to be found. What a way to start out my day with the endless waiting for others to perform their jobs? After getting everything done that needed to be, I made sure to keep myself busied enough to where I wasn’t checking my email every five minutes.

Before the hour of eight, I sent an email to the selling and closing agent of the home which was supposed to close weeks ago, and asking if it was going to close for sure today. It was tentatively scheduled for 11:00 a.m., and wouldn’t you know it, the closing agent emailed me 15 minutes prior saying, “Don’t come at 11. I’ll keep you posted.” Of course another hour and half went by with no word until around 12:30, I received a text from the selling agent saying it was “a go for 1:00 p.m.”, yet still no word from the closer. I went to my computer and sent a quick email to her saying, “Are we closing today?” Not a minute later she sent an email back saying, “I was just getting ready to email you…”. Don’t you just hate it when people do that to you?

With less than 30 minutes before I had to be at that closing, I had to jump in my car and run out to the east side of town and grab the keys from the owner, go back over to the house and remove the lockbox from its front door, and pull out my sold sign, return to my office and issue the earnest check, and then head down to the closing company. Of course today’s heavy traffic wasn’t the least bit helpful, but I somehow managed to walk into that closing room at precisely 1:00 p.m. with my faux look of composure.

As chance would have it, I happened to have another appointment over in Garner at 2:00 p.m., which had me on a rush to get finished with that closing just so I wouldn’t be late. Before pulling away from the curb, I called the seller and told her she was “One home less.”, and that I’d deliver her proceeds check when I returned to the City after my Garner appointment was finished.

My Garner gig didn’t take as long as I’d expected, so I made a bee-line back to get her check delivered along with a copy of her closing documents. When I walked into her home, the first thing I said was, “My hat goes off to you for being as patient and level-headed during this entire transaction because most sellers would be barking away on the phone with me on a daily basis.” Before leaving, she was thoughtful enough to give me a welcome Christmas treat she’d just made. I’ll have to call her tomorrow morning to thank her again for her gift along with the opportunity she gave me to sell her home. As a footnote of today’s visit with her, I said, “After meeting the new owner of your home, and then seeing how excited he was along with finding him to be a gentle soul of sorts, I’d say this whole turbulent process was meant to happen because he’ll be all the more thankful over having had the opportunity to purchase it.” She fully agreed. That transaction is now on the “Top 10” list of the “problem child” sales I’ve had this year.

The sale I was so hoping to have closed before Christmas, will end up being pushed to next week which still has me deeply disappointed. As I’ve said before, it’s not how fast I can get things done, but instead, how fast others can follow. But, rather than saying something I may later regret, I’ll just keep silent and move forward while certainly never forgetting the failings and over-sights of others. This has been a bucking-bronco year for me, and from such experiences, I’ve learned valuable lessons which I’ll use going forward in time. I did mention to the selling agent in front of his buyer, how thankful I was over his keeping me fully appraised of what was happening with his buyer’s loan, along with commending him for remaining diligent in getting it pushed thru. I think he was somewhat taken a-back when I complimented him because he was turning a bit red. Well, when someone does a good job, it’s only right they be acknowledged for it. Right?

With all the down-time I had this morning during my wait for answers and documents, I took time to page thru a seed house catalog I recently received in the mail. If there’s one magazine that manages to calm my anxieties, it’s the paging thru such mailings. I was surprised when receiving it in the mail because it’s been well over 20 years since I’ve ordered something from them. They’ve now come up in the world with their many varieties of plants, trees, shrubs and seeds, along with more glossy presentations. What I’ve always appreciated about them, is that they’re located in our own growing zone.

In an attempt to be filled with the holiday spirit, I pulled out several of my Christmas song books, and have been playing them whenever time allows. One of my favorites is the one my long-deceased sister sent me which contains a handwritten note from her saying something like, “I hope you’re able to learn all of these before my next visit so you can play them for me. With love.” I’m sure she’s smiling down on me whenever I play them along with knowing I’ve pretty much got them all learned and up to speed.  Yes, sometimes it takes a little loving-nudge to get us back at learning all the more.

As chance would have it, I just happened to read something about how some continue working at being happy, and what rang a bell for me, was the author saying that just getting busy at doing something productive, helps to keep our populous all the happier. It certainly makes sense to me. How about you?

Tonight’s One-liner is: Kindly words do not enter so deeply into the souls of men, as a reputation for kindness.

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