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Isn’t it amazing how this climate change has been affecting our seasons? I’m still in dis-belief it was above 50 degrees today, and if the wind wasn’t blowing, it would’ve felt more like a Spring day. While out at a property, I happened to notice a Magnolia tree beginning to bud which was definitely not a good sign for us.

After getting the last of my accounts balanced and several bills paid that had arrived in my mailbox, it was time to head out to a closing on a home sale which nearly fell apart due to an appraiser coming in far below the agreed-to sale price which I’m still so very much not in agreement with, but in the end, the sellers dropped the price, but also removed all the closing cost concessions they early-on agreed to pay on behalf of the buyers.

When I walked into that closing office, I noticed both buyers and their child didn’t have protective masks on, which caused me to instantly bristle. I told the selling agent I’d be in my car and when they were finished signing, and when after they’d left, she could text me and I’d go back inside.

They did finally leave, and the first thing I said to the closer after walking in was, “Don’t you have a policy for people to be wearing their masks in this office?” As we all know, whenever challenging some, there always has to be those weak excuses, and people wonder why there’s nearly 300,000 people in our Country now dead due the China-virus.

Just yesterday a woman looking for a rental became hostile with me because I wouldn’t allow her in my office due to her not wearing a mask, and most of all, there was no reason for her to enter because I’d already told her thru the glass that we didn’t have anything for rent. Before finally walking away she shouted, “Is this how you run your business?” If she would’ve only known what type of an impression she left on me, I dare say she wouldn’t have even stopped by without first calling. Wouldn’t you think a fifty-something person would know better by now?

After returning to my office from that closing, I called the seller to say she could come pick up her proceeds check, so we set the hour to meet just after lunch which gave me enough time to run a few errands, and one of them being my placing an open house rider on my for sale sign on 115 S. Connecticut which I’ve decided to have open once again.

With our weather being as pleasant as it is, we’re having continued activity on it, so I figured the added publicity would prompt even more buyers to have a look. Another Realtor who’d already done a whole-house interior video of it, is set to show it shortly after my open house is over to her buyers who’ll be driving here from out of town. I guess what they saw on her video, must’ve impressed them enough to drive the distance. I’m quite sure it’ll be even more well-received after seeing it in person because almost all the buyers I’ve shown it to, have found it appearing better than what my photos represented, which is why I refuse to use those fish-eyed lenses when listing a home because the photos some of my competitors post, are grossly mis-representative. Shame on them!

I have a colleague looking for a larger three to four bedroom home in a price range up to $150K, so if any of you are even thinking about selling, please give me a call because you may have a quick and seamless sale. The pickings are getting all the fewer in our market which has me a bit concerned over what next year’s sales are going to be like.

Fortunately, I discovered today there are other like-minds after visiting with a native who also mentioned how our City’s employment prospects just aren’t there because the good jobs are few, while most others are dead-ends with little opportunity for promotion. I was being a little sharp when saying, “If someone want’s to move up the ladder in the “good job” arenas within our community, they usually have to wait for someone to die, retire, or leave our area.” Ouch!

As much as I wish the best for new businesses opening up, I’m afraid that natural foods store that’s planning on opening in the courtyard of our dead Mall, will not be a good fit for her because of it being out of the way, and offering little or no parking. In commerce, it’s best to have both, but you absolutely must have one or the other which it doesn’t. Once again, I wish her the best, but I sure wouldn’t be placing all my bets on it.

I’ll continue harping on the need for an indoor farmer’s market in this City, as there’s no question it would do a great business as long as it’s properly planned and laid out. Your’s truly’s even finding small sections of organic fruits and vegetables in our groceterias to be my go-to sections for items, and especially organic bananas because I can really tell the difference in taste. As I’ve said before, most would be willing to pay more, as long as they take the initiative to do their taste-comparison tests. I’m a believer.

I’m sure some of you have visited Whole Foods in recent years, but what I’ve recently learned, is that Amazon purchased it, and the quality of their products have noticeably declined. Yes, that’s one more example of a select few “uppers” grabbing big profits on buy-outs and then leaving our general public in the lurch. Every time I discover such happenings, I internally bristle because it all goes back to insatiable greediness.

Perhaps I’m old-fashioned when saying I’d rather own a shop where I’d continually be working at making my product line all the better while keeping my return on investment ratio down because that’s when I’d have an everlasting feeling of personal reward. What’s happened to our self-less pride when knowing we’ve provided the best for others?

Tonight’s One-liner is: Random chance plays a huge part in everybody’s life.

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