Mindless Dunces

I was in near dis-belief when finding it 55 degrees this afternoon, and you can bet I was enjoying it immensely. Here we are at the 10th of December and having such a high. It does remind me of a winter a number of years ago where we really didn’t have much snow or cold to where it was deemed an “open” winter. I can’t recall what the following Spring and summer was like, but I’ll not forget those abnormally warm months.

It was an average day at office with my finishing up on a closing file that’ll be happening tomorrow morning, along with running a few errands in the Downtown which included making a trip to a bank’s drive-thru where I’m now only going to use their “tube” drive-ups after recently discovering I’ve been in the wrong lane of theirs for years. Of course I make sure to wipe their canisters down with disinfectant before handling them because one never knows if their recent users were asymptomatic.

When visiting with a friend of mine about how much more busy bank drive-thru’s have been, I finally discovered why. I was informed by her that when out shopping, most stores are not offering “cash back” on their transactions which must have something to do with this pandemic. I’m glad I finally got a reason why I’ve been seeing many more in those banking lanes. Isn’t it funny how we grow so accustomed to certain social habits to the point that whenever there are even the slightest of deviations, we notice them?

Around noontime, buyers from out of State arrived who’d driven here to look at one of my listings, and as chance would have it, they’d already parked in front of the home and waiting for me. You can bet I moved quickly to get there because I really don’t like being delayed for an appointment, and especially when they’re prospective buyers.

When I arrived all masked-up, I proceeded to give them their guided tour which lasted about an hour. I believe they’re still liking it, but a little more hesitant to pull the trigger. When they were leaving, they said they’d talk about it and get back to me. Not twenty minutes later, they were asking about looking at several other homes, and one of which was already sold, but I did manage to get them in the other one which didn’t meet their expectations. Once again, they said they’d talk about the first one and let me know so we’ll see what tomorrow brings.

I only wish we had more homes I could show them in their price range, but unfortunately all the “lipsticked pigs” have already been sold which gives me cause for worry regarding what our market’s going to be like in six months. I mentioned once before, a conversation I had with a now deceased Realtor who talked about a time back in the 1960’s when there was nearly nothing for sale in our City and if something did come up, it was usually sold within a day or two which is why a number of those real estate offices began selling insurance as their “sister” businesses, and being just so they’d have a least some sort of guaranteed income. As chance would have it, the very first real estate office I worked for, also sold homeowner’s insurance. I didn’t work for them very long and mostly due to that particular broker’s sales philosophy which was completely opposite of mine, but when looking back, it was a good and lasting life-lesson for me.

I’m not so sure what’s going on with our mail of late because it seems to be growing all the slower. A customer of mine mailed an envelope to my office from only one State away on this past Saturday, and I still haven’t received it. And then today, I received a letter back in the mail which I’d sent to Clear Lake over three weeks ago saying it was undeliverable. First thing tomorrow morning, I’ll be making a call to that person to see if he’d completed a change of address with our postal service.

I’ve not been focusing much on our online news of late because of how upset I get when reading about all the political and legal dust storms being created over our National elections. If I were in that group of Senators, Governors, and Representatives who’re remaining silent over it all, I’d be terribly ashamed of myself. I personally can’t get my brain wrapped around their reasoning because no matter what political party an elected official belongs, there absolutely must be decorum standards by which they abide, and if there aren’t, those in our highest bodies of government, appear nothing less than mindless dunces. Like I said before, I would’ve never dreamed such things would ever happen in our Nation, and for sure, the Russians and Chinese are gloating over these happenings and indeed sharing all our dirty laundry on their State-run television stations.

What really went to my core, was reading where a number of “Red” States have brought suit in SCOTUS against Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia, and asking that their elections be nullified. Now that was the icing on the cake for me regarding the severity of insanity that’s taking place in our once great U.S. of A. I dare not imagine what more they’ll do to fan the flames of discord and division before it’s all over. Of course I was near-certain this was going to happen, but definitely not to such degrees.

Late this afternoon I went and placed tent signs out on corners pointing in the direction of 115 S. Connecticut for this coming Saturday. Yes, I am on a burn to get that home sold, so please put out some positive energies I do.

I’ll be a busy little bee tomorrow with my closing and then multiple home showings which I’m hoping one of them will trip my buyer’s trigger, and after looking at our weather forecast, I’ll be fully bundled for a much colder day.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The object of all work is production or accomplishment, and to either of these ends, there must be forethought, system, planning, intelligence, honest purpose, as well as perspiration, because seeming to do, is not doing.

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