Good Breeding

It was quite the rainstorm we had today, and unfortunately it came down so hard that many of the more tender-leaved stems of flowers and vegetables were bending pretty low. I’m confident they’ll get themselves righted, and if they don’t, they’ll be growing sideways. I know they talked about rain, but I wasn’t expecting it to be a torrential downpour to the point where the storm sewers weren’t even able to keep up with it.

My mid-morning showing over at 721 N. Delaware went quite well to the point I’ll not be surprised if the buyer calls for a second showing. Since there were four in the group, I was having a difficult time trying to keep my social distancing. Oh well, I tried my best and hopefully none of them were asymptomatic.

While there, I made sure to point out all the extras it offers which many seem to overlook. Since I’m familiar enough with that home, I assured them that there are hardwood floors under the carpet in its double living room. Another feature I made sure to talk about, were the nine foot ceilings on both the first and second floors which is unusual for that age and style of home. You can bet if I owned that granny, I’d do a real number on it to where she would be the queen of the block.

Around lunchtime, I had to meet with a contractor to go over costs and pay him for the work he’d done thus far. I took the time to explain to him that I wanted more clarity as to what’s been done, and what I’m paying for. Fortunately he understood, and especially after telling him that more than once I’ve fired contractors for gouging me on materials and labor, which prompted me to say, “If you do a good job and price fairly, you’ll never run out of work in this City due the both of us knowing there are a number of shysters out there who think they’ve won, but in the end they lose, because more sooner than later, word gets out.”

The sun, moon and stars must’ve been in a position today to where I became several of my dear ones’ therapy dog which translated into a combination of nearly two hours on the phone. They both know I’m not a fan of long phone conversations, but I guess when you’re in a mood to rant, time doesn’t exist. Fortunately I was able to do some multi-tasking while listening to them, because if I didn’t, I would’ve been ready to crawl out of my skin.

There’s another dear friend of mine who’s also a “therapy dog” but much better at listening to long conversations. One day I said to him, “You must have nerves of steel and the patience of Job because if I had to be on the phone with the same person for over an hour, I’d be ready for a straightjacket.” He laughed and then said, “Do you think I’m really listening to them?”, which caused me to marvel all the more at his skills because for me, it would be like listening to a neighbor’s dog barking, yet pretending not to hear it. That’s likely an ability I’ll never master in this lifetime.

I’m becoming all the more concerned over the growing numbers of the China-virus in our County, and if they continue, I’m not so sure there’ll be children going back to school late next month. We’re not more than 45 days out from the beginning of school, which means our school superintendents are gonna have to be making some hard decisions, and soon.

While at the groceteria this afternoon, I ran into a gentleman who just moved into his new residence. From the moment he opened his mouth, he was complaining about the silliest of things to where I finally said to him, “Well, do you like it or not?” His response was a weak, “Oh, it’s alright.” I couldn’t help being a little wicked by saying, “Knowing your family, I’d say such an attitude is in your DNA.” Chronic complaining is something I quickly grow very tired of, which is likely the reason I steer clear of such belly-aching whenever possible.

While in conversation with one of my callers today, my dear one mentioned how he can not understand why people are always bringing up pasts that’ve been dead for 50 or more years. My take on it, is that those people are so disgruntled over their own pathetic lives, that they have to find ways to give license to their present states by blaming all their ills on obscure recollections of past events.

I’ve been of the belief that if you don’t like someone for whatever reason, just ignore them and walk away instead of following them around with a magnifying glass in attempts to find more fault. Over these long years, I’ve avoided a number of people with like-fiber, but to this day, they continue looking for ways to annoy. Very troubled souls.

Being so taken by the song I posted last night, I was compelled to listen to it several times early this morning. Alison Krauss definitely has a beautifully clear voice which is quite refreshing. Like with all talent, you’ve either got it, or you don’t, and for sure, she’s got it.

Many of our area churches are certainly hurting in very big ways, and if this pandemic doesn’t start going away, they’ll be operating in the red for years to come. Like many other facets of our lives, it’ll be a lesson for them to not be of the mindset their tithings will always come pouring in, and now with the heightened fears of our elderly, I doubt there’ll be attending their church Services until a vaccine has been discovered. The scientists forecasted it would take well over a year before one would be discovered which would give a knock-out punch to all its mutations, and it looks like their prophecies will be fulfilled.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Good breeding is the result of good sense, some good nature, and a little self-denial for the sake of others.

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