What’s Worshiped the Most

With this heat advisory out, I hope everyone’s been staying out of the sun as much as possible, and you can bet yours truly was doing the same. When glancing at the weather, I noticed we’re going to be enduring all the more days of this, but just remember, six months from now, we’ll be squealing about how cold it is outdoors.

Most of my day was spent doing desk work at my office, along with getting a number of errands run before the sun was overhead. When going to pick up a few replacement parts at an appliance store, and then on to a hardware, it’s looking like they’re not holding very much inventory on hand, and now ordering parts as needed. Even when stopping to buy two batteries for my car key, they had only one on hand. The clerk asked if I was willing to wait until the end of the week for the second one, but I passed on the offer because I was certain one would be good enough until I could buy two the next time it gets weak.

I’m going to stay confident my two public open houses are going to be a success this coming Saturday considering the continued rise in our County’s China-virus cases. I feel so bad for all those nursing home patients who’ve contracted it, and will continue praying they’ll pull thru it. I can only imagine what must be going thru their minds on a daily basis while being confined to their rooms and no visitors being allowed. I’ve always known there’s a deep loneliness which continually lingers in the minds of those patients in normal times, and can’t imagine how they’re now feeling. So very sad.

Two closings are coming up in the near future, and hopefully we can get them finished up before one more delay arises. I pretty much suspected we’d have a delay on one of them because the buyers are using an out of State lender. Thank goodness I did forewarn them about it from the very beginning. I fully understand that buyers do have the right to use their lender of choice, but I still feel it my obligation to give them fair warning because I’d rather not have any hard feelings when alerted they can’t close on time.

I was internally seething several days ago when hearing a seller whom I’d spent far too much time with, having sold her home direct, and what made me all the more angry, was her passing the buck onto someone else, and not even having the backbone to call me. I just happened to find out when placing a call to her about when it was going to be listed, because I had a potential buyer for it. It was a good thing I had another call coming in while on the phone with her which I needed to answer, because I’m afraid I would’ve given her a little piece of my mind.

Most think that this type of behavior is something the young ones do, but I’m finding the old ones are learning all too many flawed character traits from the young ones, and likely from their spoiled children they’ve been enabling since they came down their chutes. I was glad to have finally “washed” myself from my anger with her, but I also know that karma will serve back doubly what was done, because I had a lingering “feeling” I was being used from the very beginning. I’m pretty sure she had it all in place the day she hugged me in thanks for all I’d done. Sounds a little bit like a Judas hug doesn’t it? The almighty dollar seems to be what’s worshiped the most these days.

Whenever a given seller or buyer uses up so much of my time, and then decides to go it alone, I often wonder how they’d feel if they suddenly didn’t receive a week’s paycheck from their salaried jobs. I’d love to see the look on their faces when their employers walk up to them saying, “I’ve decided I’m not paying you a week’s wage, just because I don’t believe you are deserving of it.” Wouldn’t that be worthy of a Youtube video?

Once again, I can thank my lucky stars for having parents who taught us what was right, and most of all, what was wrong. Yes, each and every one of us have failed at something more than once, but I continue blessing those who learn from their failures and rise all the higher during the struggles with their own growth and human development.

While visiting with a plumber today, he mentioned some of the recent real-life horror stories he’d encountered these past months. One happened to be about a once nearly new stove which the tenants had never cleaned after many boilings-over of stovetop cooking, and not using flat pans to bake pizzas or other out-of-the-package meals. He said they must’ve broken the spring on the oven door and used a 2” x 4” to keep it securely closed. Yes, it sounds like there are all the more living amongst us who were raised by wolves.

I had a late afternoon appointment to show a home that was just listed. It’s a big one, but I’d say it was a little more than “stuck” in a time warp with the lack of updates since it was built. Judging by the asking price, the sellers must believe they’re going to ride this wave of spiking home sale prices. We’ll see what the buyers decide after having a good sleep on it.

One of my dear clients emailed me the inserted Youtube video which I’d never seen or heard that song before. Judging by the number of people who’ve watched it, I have to agree it was quite up-lifting. Whoever created it, did a good job in depicting what “going to the river” was like in years gone by. After watching it, I’m once again convinced that our world is in need of more spirituality in our lives.

Tonight’s one-liner is: In the mass of mankind, I fear, there is too great a majority of fools and knaves; who singly from their numbers, must to a certain degree be respected, though they are by no means respectable.

Joe Chodur

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