Isolate in Your own County

It was good to have the rain today, but unfortunately it started just as I was heading out to show an acreage, and of course I’d just washed my car this morning, which was soon muddied-up while out on a gravel road. Isn’t it just the way it happens sometimes? I actually laughed to myself when driving off and remembering how often it would end up raining the day I got my car washed, or shortly thereafter.

Unfortunately that showing didn’t “wow” either my buyers or myself, but it was good for me to have seen it, as well as giving the lookers just one more home they’ll be able to draw comparisons to. As I’ve said, it’s always best to get a feel for home prices in a given market, but not to go overboard with it, because buyers usually end up getting all the more confused, and especially in housing areas where sale prices are all over the map.

I bristled when seeing where some raccoons had ripped their way into the attic of a building, and it certainly looked like they’d taken it completely over. It seems in these recent years, I’ve been finding all the more homes and building that’ve succumbed to being “coon hostels”. They really are very clever in the way in which they create their entrance holes just behind eve troughs, and unless you can get high enough to see them, they’re invisible from the ground.

And please don’t ever think they’re timid and easily scared, because I know that if they think they’re cornered or have a clutch of their young hanging about, they will become aggressive. Most think they’re slow-movers, but if necessary, they’re capable of making quick charges. I don’t even want to think of how many them are living in our City’s storm sewers. I’m just waiting for the day one of our residents who owns an night vision video camera, and filming a night’s movements at an opening of a storm sewer inlet. If that person would share it on Facebook, you can be sure it would send a few shivers up the spines of people viewing it, and nevermore thinking all is well in the night.

My early afternoon appointment to show a home, took me up to my listing in Manly which is located at 305 W. North. I made sure to get there early enough so to get the door unlocked and lights on, because I think it best to have a home showing all the more readied before buyers arrive, instead of fumbling for light switches while going from room to room and level to level.

The buyers finally arrived, and took their time getting familiar with the home. The things that impressed them the most, were the lay-out of the kitchen, and overall size of the home. As I’ve mentioned many times, it is very deceiving from the street, because once you get inside, you wonder where all that space came from.

They asked all the right questions, and was able to supply the answers to all but a few which I promised to get for them before the morn. I’m going to stay positive that we’ve finally found the right match-up with that home and its end buyers. There’s no question it’s a great home for its location and square-footage.

I’ve been thinking all the more about ways in which our shoppers can easily identify goods that’ve been manufactured off-shore, and I think I’ve come up with an easier way for us to shop without having to look at every little corner of something before finding where it was made. With that said, I believe the alternative would be for stores to place small removable clips next to the prices on given items, and on those plastic clips, would colorfully stamped with the national flags of a particular item’s country of manufacture and/or origin. I think it would be a great idea for all stores to have posted on the shelves of goods they’re selling, and being similar to my “vision” of such flags of origin. I also think it would create good history lessons for the young and old, and if a shopper shouldn’t happen to know what a given country’s flag looked like, they could always go digging for the name of the country on its package.

If we truly want to make America great, then it’s time to become proactive while out shopping, and if those flags were visibly promoted well enough, then that’s all it would take, would be but one glance at a given foreign flag, and keep right on moving down an aisle. Don’t you think it would be a great idea instead of having to take time to look for such markings on a package?

I’m more than a little perturbed with our Governor for opening up the less affected counties in our State without first and foremost, telling all Iowans to isolate in your own county. You can be sure if I were in her position and making such judgement calls, I would be adamant about it, and possibly even having people fined for crossing county lines for non-essential reasons.

I have this creepy feeling that since the numbers of daily confirmed cases are still growing higher in those areas, those of us living in far less affected areas, are going to quickly become hotspots, and most certainly due to “visitors” who were asymptomatic during the times they were here, and needlessly infecting the innocent residents of North Iowa. I’ll be holding my breath during the coming weeks.

I’m sure most don’t know there were communities in Europe during the Bubonic Plague which went un-touched, and nearly all of those burgs were geographically isolated far enough away from other infected towns who treated all visitors as though they’d be the ones bringing the pestilence, and escorted out as soon as possible. In times like these, you can never be too careful about out-of-county visitors possibly being asymptomatic.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Nature soaks every manmade evil with either fear or shame.

Joe Chodur

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