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Most of my morning was spent running errands, and returning emails and phone calls.  I couldn’t believe how cold it was out while driving to work, and when looking at the KIMT weather channel, they said it got down to 16 degrees last night, which broke an over-night record. Since Mason City and Rochester is served by that channel, I didn’t look to see if it was in our area, or Rochester’s.

It’s too bad someone doesn’t open a new television station that serves only Mason City and our surrounding Counties. It’s not that I don’t care about what’s happening in Rochester, but I really don’t think much of what goes on up there is relevant to North Central Iowa. It seems every other day they’re reporting a shooting in Rochester, which doesn’t fare very well with our Mason City listeners.

I was still bristling over the useless conversation I had with a County employee yesterday, but I’ll soon send it all down as one more example of the way in which our local government bodies are now run. It seems the less accountability there is in an office, and with us being so far away from Des Moines, it becomes a careless free-for-all for those who “think” they know what they’re doing. More smoke and mirrors.

Another property owner stopped by today to talk about the notice he’d received from the Assessor regarding the value of his home. Since he’s retired and on a fixed income, he’s growing all the more worried he’ll not be able to pay the higher taxes that’ll be coming in the near future. All I could do, was encourage him to protest that valuation, because I know what his home looks like, and above all, the location it’s in. I didn’t tell him, but there’s no way in “yell” his house would sell even in the same solar system of an amount our Assessor has tacked on it.

You may think I wish bad on people, but I don’t, because whenever I find humans intentionally causing financial hardships on honest and hard-working people, I just send it out into the universe and leave karma to take care of it, and nearly always, either sooner or later, something very unfortunate happens to them.

When you think about the concept of good vs evil, it makes sense because when we find people tilting that timeless universal balance towards the dark side, there begins a tension or should I say, spring-load on the opposite end, to where there’s a day when the tension is so great, it all snaps back, and whomever’s doing the pulling, gets whacked.

I can’t even begin to give examples of such kickings back, and for those who’ve made it their passion to hurt others, are the ones who really get it. Because I quickly grow indifferent to such minds, it usually doesn’t bother me in the least bit, because they did it to themselves, and due to the fact I’ve been in real estate for so many years, I’ve seen enough of those naughty monkeys getting served back, double portions of what they’d so wickedly given out to others.

One of my recent sales looks like it’s moving all the closer to having a smooth-sail to closing. All that’s left, is getting the full loan approval on it, and title work completed. I’m going to be very sad when the owner moves out of our area because we’ve grown to enjoy our little chats. But, as we all know, nothing ever remains the same, which is a reminder to us all that we must continue working hard at making every day our best.

I must truthfully say that this slow-down created by the coronavirus, has me looking for things to keep me busy on a daily basis, because if there’s one thing I hate, is having time heavy on my hands. Today was the day I decided to get the entire sidewalk in front of my office fully swept. After that was finished, I went back in and scrubbed all the floors with Murphy’s Oil Soap with a little bleach in that bucket of warm water. They really weren’t dirty, but I thought it best to make them as germ-free as possible. I do wipe all the flat surfaces down with mild soapy water containing a few drops of bleach, on a near daily basis, and again, just so anyone coming to my office won’t feel as though I’m not doing my part in being proactive against someone being infected by another.

I’ve been following some of the recent news about what China has been doing after this pandemic started, and it seems the more I’ve been reading, the more concerned I am over the belief of some, that China is using the European Union’s and our Country’s current weaknesses to their favor. It wouldn’t surprise me that they’re taking every advantage of it, and turning the rest of our world’s pain, into their gain.

I’m not so sure our global populous is ever going to realize that when you have no checks and balances in a country’s political system, you’re opening the door to an elitist totalitarian government which serves only a small group holding absolute power, and when you have judicial systems bowing to the will of those few, great injustices are created, and don’t ever forget what the Chinese are doing to the Uhghurs.

When looking back far enough in history, we find that our country helped communist Russia defeat Hitler, along with assisting China with the defeat of Japan. I will never understand why democratic governments in this world, seem to always go running to the aid of countries which are steeped in human rights abuses. As far as I’m concerned, those abusive governments deserve to be toppled by the ones they’ve been oppressing.

It looks like starting tomorrow, we’ll be on a slow warming trend, so perhaps Spring will finally arrive.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Bankers know that history is inflationary, and money being the last thing a wise man will hoard.

Joe Chodur

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