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Sooner or later, there are days that come around, and as much as we try to avoid them, they end up being ones that make you want to go out and spit three times, in attempt to get the poison of others out of our systems, but today’s cure, was seeing the above fox.

Well, today was one of them, and without going into any detail or naming names, I was fully reminded of how some people in our government offices are like loose cannons when it comes to following protocol, along with not being fair and equitable to all. Likely the reason I was so stirred up, was because I found that someone had not been treated fairly, which after being illuminated to such inequities, my core started to burn.

I’m sure part of this nonsense was created because the person who was supposed to be doing his job, was too busy with his personal life to take extra care in his problem solving, and what worries me, is knowing we’re going to be seeing more of it in time, because there are all the fewer people in government offices who really work at doing their jobs by judging every situation that comes along, on its own merits, instead of rubber-stamping approval on things that should’ve been more closely scrutinized–especially when it comes to money.

Another change I’m hoping to see when this pandemic is over, is there being more oversight on people in power who’ve had too much of a free reign in our State, County, and City governments. There seems to be all the more who’re using every loop-hole they can, just so to get out of paying their fair share in taxes, while the rest of us are left to carry their burden as well, especially when knowing budgets have to be balanced.

I happened to look up a particular property today and just about fell off my chair when seeing the owner of it, pays zero in real estate taxes. I think I’ve already discovered which tax loophole he used, and tomorrow I’ll be placing several calls to confirm it. What upsets me even more, is when seeing people who have more money than you or I will ever see, using every opportunity they can to work our system to their advantage.

We didn’t get to this point overnight, because it’s been slowly building to where it’s now going to be affecting the rest of us all the more in the coming months and possibly even years. In spite of this pandemic, all our government workers continue to get their paychecks while our small businesses and rank-and-file non-government workers are struggling.

What would give us all something to write home about, is seeing our Federal, State, and local Government workers taking pay cuts, just so they’ll also know what it feels like to struggle in times like these, because if we want to understand a real crisis like this pandemic, then we should all be on level playing fields with our angst.

If you’re really wondering what the overall sentiments are of the 25 – 35 year old’s in America, just randomly read some of the posts and re-posts they have on the social medias. After looking at enough of them, you’ll start seeing threads of similarity in their mindsets, and the greatest being, an indignation towards the unfairness they’re finding in society, and especially the injustices that are taking place in all areas of our government.

I know I’ve spoken about this before, but I’m saying it again, “The middle class in our Country will more sooner than later, become extinct, and only referred to in future history books.” I suspected it was coming within these next ten years, but with this pandemic, I believe the death of the middle class will be upon us all the sooner.

If these shut-downs continue, I have no idea how people who’ve been living from pay to pay, along with small and large businesses operating on thin margins of profit from month to month, will be able to get caught up once things get back to being even close to normal. Those $1,200 checks that are being sent out, will more likely get spent as soon as they arrive, without there being even a second thought about, “How am I going to pay next month’s bills.” Yes, this is going to be an interesting rest of the year.

You’ve already read about my encouragements regarding growing our own vegetables, but we must also start looking at other ways to cut our expenses, and it’s not some great secret being held in ancient manuscripts, but rather the stepping back and looking at tried and true alternatives.

Just yesterday I chided someone over his purchasing of all those expensive bottles of cleaners for his home. Ammonia is cheap, along with vinegar and bleach. Murphy’s Oil soap can be purchased in gallons that’ll last a year or more. This using of paper towels to clean, makes no sense because that’s all you need is good supply of lintless rags which are usually created from worn-out bedsheets and pillowcases.

Those pre-packaged and ready to heat-and-serve foods are for the birds. Whatever happened to creating our own meals from scratch? Now we mustn’t tell ourselves we don’t have time, because if we set our minds to doing something, we make time. It’s not that most don’t want to do it, but rather they’ve never been taught or learned. Cooking is not something you have to sign up for in a college, because it’s all trial and error, and don’t be afraid to ask some of your old ones for help with recipes.

I did go out to 1 Briarstone Court today and took all new photos of the home, and then replaced the old online ones with today’s shots. That home is a great buy, so tell friends.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Every form of government tends to perish by the bloated excess of its basic principles.

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