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Not much was happening in the world of real estate other than setting up several appointments for two different agents to show my listing on 1 Briarstone Court. That home is finally getting the attention it’s needing for months. I think the buyers are finally realizing what a very good buy it is, and hopefully it’ll get sold before these confirmed cases of the China virus become so much out of hand that our Governor will end up issuing an order for non-essential workers to stay home. If that happens, we’re going to see an even greater slow-down in real estate sales. It’s unfortunate because we’re now heading into our seasonal Spring market.

While thinking I was going to get a great deal of manual labor done today, it ended up being only about three hours, but again, I did get several of those “to do’s” completed, so I’m not complaining.

Several of my past clients and customers called today, just so to see how all has been with me since we last spoke. When visiting with my first caller, I announced to her that I was working very hard every day at finding a least one thing to get a belly-laugh out of, because if I don’t, my thoughts would likely start turning dark.

We both shared our own feelings as to when the coronavirus is going to peak, and the timeline to where we’ll all be getting back to at least some sense of societal normalcy. As I’ve been telling others, I shared a story I heard just this past week about an unfortunate incident last month where a man in his late 60’s decided to sell one of his puppies, so he placed an ad, and without thinking about being corona-careful, a man from out of State drove to his farm to purchase it. Well, he paid the money and got the dog, but something even more sinister was given to that owner, and that was the coronavirus, and wouldn’t you know it, that man is now dead.

I’ve been sharing that story because it’s a reminder than we must not let our guard down, and especially in situations where we “think” all is well. In my mind, I was just imagining how that older gentleman was acting when that buyer arrived. There was likely some hand shaking going on, and certainly not at the recommended six foot distance. I’m sure the decedent’s family is fit to be tied over his unexpected death.

What I don’t get, is when seeing people at cash registers wearing plastic gloves, and not changing them each time they’re serving another customer. Of course they’re personally more safe, but what about a virus being passed onto something plastic or metal like the lid of a can of soup. I know it sounds more cumbersome, but if they’re going to be handling goods from one shopping cart to another, there should be a glove-change, because most don’t realize how long that virus can live on certain surfaces.

While walking in the parking lot of a grocery store, I heard someone yell my name, and when I turned to look, it just happened to be my first cousin whom I’d not talked to in many weeks. She decided to stay in the car while her daughter went grocery shopping. We also got a few good laughs over some of the shenanigans that’ve taken place in our lives since we last spoke. I always enjoy visiting with her because she is such a dear soul who’s been thru much, but still keeps it all in perspective. I reminded her again how exceptionally thankful she must be for having such an angel for a daughter. I did stick around long enough to where I was also able to visit with her “angel”, while continuing to wish the absolute best for her. As I was walking away, I was once again reminded how much she looks like one of my older sisters.

Just before I headed out to my tasks, I received a call on my cell phone from a number I didn’t recognize. When I picked up, the caller suddenly started asking how I was, and if business is still good. Just when I was about to ask who he was, I recognized the voice out of my past.

It was a shocking coincidence he called, because just yesterday I was showing a home to a gentleman who used to live in the house I sold him, and because I was working with the previous owner yesterday, I couldn’t help thinking about the person I sold it to while I was driving back to the City. I would say it must’ve been well over a year since we last spoke, which of course created a much longer phone conversation. It seems every time we speak, we end up talking about the one year he was a classmate of mine in junior high school. He seems to always have a way of making me laugh, and of course I’m compelled to “one-up” him with something even more laughable.

The funniest stories he had to tell, were the body struggles he’s been having since he quit smoking last May. He ended up gaining more weight which he didn’t need, and then started exercising, but even though he’s been doing 12 miles a day on his stationery bike, and eating no more than he did when he was smoking, he just can’t get it off. Oh how funny he can be when talking about his non-life threatening perils, but I did promise to run over to Floyd County to see him once this virus business is over. Most would think him a bit crotchety, but that’s all just a self-protecting barrier, because he really is a very kind-hearted person. Of course, he did get a good dig in on me for still having hair on my head when he doesn’t. My comical response was, “It’s the genes in my jeans.”

If any of you want some really good laughs, and especially the younger of you who don’t remember Gilda Radner from Saturday Night Live. You absolutely MUST go on Youtube and watch some of her skits. Believe it or not, I’ve been working on mimicking her voice to where someone just yesterday mentioned how much I can make myself sound like her. My little, “I thought I was gonna die.”, is nearly down pat. Too funny!

If you want a reminder or a “first taste” of her wit, click on the following link: Weekend Update: Roseanne Rosannadanna on Smoking – SNL

Tonight’s one-liner is: Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.

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