Turning Darkly Inward

The only real estate related job I had today, was to present an offer to the seller of one of my listings. I made sure to be at my office early enough so to get all the numbers prepared, copies made, and then drive over and be there at the time we agreed upon.

It didn’t take long to come to a decision on that offer, so I made the appropriate changes, and then had her sign everything, along with leaving copies of them for her records. We had a good chat while there, and glad all has been well with her during these long pandemic days.

After I returned to my office, I scanned the amended purchase agreement and then emailed it to the selling agent. We did give the buyer enough time to respond, so I suspect we’ll hear something in the morning.

The remainder of my day was spent jumping from little projects to various outdoor chores I had lined up, and certainly glad it grew warmer by the hour because I was starting to peel off layers of the warmer clothes I had donned when it was still chilly.

In between projects, I decided to do some walking along the Willow Creek area of East Park, simply because I hadn’t been down there in years, and thought it a good time to re-acquaint myself with that lowland area. Since I’m such a nature lover, I’d lost all track of time again, and when I finally glanced at the hour, I was shocked to find 90 minutes had passed, so back to my labors I hurriedly went.

Let’s hope after this pandemic is over, many in society will finally recognized and take advantage of the natural beauties surrounding them, and get out and enjoy it while our weather’s pleasant. For sure there’ll be all the more distancing of others for months and years to come because of that “What if…” lingering in our sub-consciouses. There’ve been a number who’ve told me that it’ll all be forgotten in a short time, but I’m not buying into it because we’ve never had something this serious in our lifetimes.

One of the jobs I was working on for several hours, was the digging and chopping out of dead stumps of a number of bushes I had cut down because they’d become too woody and infected with some sort of wilt that was creating problems with them year-over-year.
I did manage to get about half of that long row chopped and dug out, so my next free afternoon, I’ll be back there finishing it up. It’ll be such a joy not having to mow around them this year, and I just happen to have some grass seed I’ll be to sowing in that area. Come tomorrow morning, it’ll not surprise me if I’ll be having a few aches and pains.

Having worked alone and un-distracted for so many hours, it afforded me time to do some deep thinking about things that’ll be changing in society due to the scare we’ve all had from the China virus. One thing we’ll be seeing all the more of, is automation in our service industries. I wouldn’t be surprised if McDonald’s will be creating androids to perform their many simple and repetitious tasks. Don’t think people will be balking, because they’ll know there’ve been fewer hands touching and possibly coughing on the food they’ve ordered. I was reminded of that when seeing a young man rub his nose with this “gloved” hand, and then pass someone their sacked food order at their pick-up window. You can be sure that if it that young man did that to me, I would’ve handed it back to him while asking to speak to his supervisor. Like I said, they seem to worry more about protecting themselves, than they do about infecting others.

If there was one thing I learned a very many years ago in the exceptionally strict school I went to, was the frowning upon by the “powers that be” of students touching their faces with their hands. I don’t know why that was stopped because it absolutely amazes me when seeing so many people rubbing their noses, eyes, and mouths with their unclean fingers and hands. There’s no question that most of what we’re seeing, is nothing but a dirty habit that was started back when they were young. Another nasty habit, is the biting of fingernails and cuticles which in these times, is really asking for a “virus-friendly” playground.

Another change I’m near positive we’ll be seeing, are all the many corporations and companies who’re either big or small, creating remote work areas for their employees, and most of them likely opting-out for home-office settings. There’ll also be thousands of office and board meetings permanently converted to tel-conferencing. It may sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, but it will be a permanent part of our futures.

Don’t think this hasn’t got me concerned, because it means there’ll be additional societal barriers being created for the “safety” of all, but the by-product of it all, will be all the more distancing of our general populations from each other, which as far as I’m concerned, is a bad thing, because we truly need real human face-to-face interaction which keeps us from turning darkly inward and anti-social.

Over these long years of selling real estate, I’ve had enough experiences with those who most would’ve considered eccentric and/or of the hermit mentality, and I’m sure you’ve known a few in your lifetime, but if you remember, they were noticeably quirky with outsiders. Just think what type of society we’ll likely have if such eccentricities are considered normal. After seeing how a certain “Nova” lived her entire life after her much older husband died, I’d say she did everything she could to keep the world away from her doorstep. Just thinking about the great lonely sadness I viewed when first walking thru her home, makes me very sad once again.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Mozart’s music is so pure and beautiful to the point where I’ve long considered it a reflection of the inner beauty of our universe.

Joe Chodur

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