Foaming at the Mouth

I’m sure everyone was surprised to find as much heavy wet snow on the ground this morning, and certainly disgusted over how hard it was to clear, and yours truly being one of them. I guess the only thing worse than having snow on the day before Thanksgiving, would be waking up to it the morning of.

There’s no question I’ll be having some aches and pains tomorrow morning from all the snow I shoveled. When snow is so heavy that you have use your leg to help lift it, is when you begin wondering why you’re still living in North Iowa.

A person who’s been keeping up on all the recent findings regarding climate change, mentioned this morning that the scientists have now found that if our world continues on its present course, our over-all average temperatures will be seven degrees warmer by the end of this century. You may think seven degrees is nothing, but when adding that to our average summer temperatures, and then to the daytime highs, our planet is going to be in a world of hurt. There’s no question there’ll be all the more massive areas that’ll no long be hospitable, and with populations continuing to grow in underdeveloped countries, it’ll be one “yell” of a global ticking time bomb.

After I had all the shoveling done early-on, I went back to my office to ready myself for my mid-morning closing. Wouldn’t you know it, the selling agent called and asked if the sellers were going to have the snow removed from the driveway because between the snowplows and the drifting, there’d be no way the buyer’s loaded trailer would be able to get thru it.

I called the seller and asked if he had a snowblower, and unfortunately he didn’t, but did say he’d go over and shovel it. I told him, “Absolutely not!” because of how heavy it was along with the size and length of that driveway. Without another thought, I told him I’d have it removed, and that’s what I did by calling a gentleman I use from time to time to clear snow for me. Luckily he’d just finished his snow-blowing for the morning, so I gave him the address and asked if he’d get over there right away and clear it off, and that he did.

Because of the phone calls regarding the snow removal, I was about five minutes late for my closing. The buyers were delighted to hear I was having the snow cleared for them because they indeed were ready to start moving as soon as all of their papers were signed. I did share a few more positive features of the home which I was sure they’d not noticed of which they were glad to hear.

By the time I got back from my closing, it was nearing the hour I was to meet a buyer and her financial adviser over at Prairie Place on 1st, so I made sure to get there a few minutes early and get all the lights turned on for them. After they arrived, I proceeded to give them detail sheets on the units and then continued on with the showing of the two floor plans they were the most interested in seeing. By and large, I’d say it was a good showing, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be hearing from them after the Holiday is over. Since I was with them for nearly two hours, I’d say there’ll be a new owner who’ll be yet another good fit for that community.

My afternoon was spent running errands that would’ve normally been done this morning, but with our unexpected heavy snow, they had to wait until I had time. One of those little chores was to go and buy a 9V battery for a beeping smoke detector in a common hallway. Sometimes you just send it down and do a good deed instead of saying, “Why don’t you just change it instead of complaining about it?” I guess the idea of buying something that’s for the good of all, isn’t something to be considered. Oh how I wish the many more would change their tails of selfishness to selflessness, which in the end would create all the happier lives for everyone involved.

Later this afternoon when driving back to my office, I looked down the back-alley behind my office and noticed a pickup truck with a snow blade on it that pushing the snow from Wild Billy’s and the comic book store’s parking lots, over onto the parking area behind my office. Ugh! I turned around and drove down the alley, parked my car, and walked over to the driver and said, “I do NOT want you pushing and piling that snow behind my building. I’ve told you all before that this is going to stop, and if it doesn’t I’m going to call the City about it.”

That naughty little hot-head started in on me like it was my fault. I just stood there until I’d had enough of his “f-bombs” and plainly said, “Just remember, assault is when you make a threat, and battery is when you follow thru with that threat, but both are chargeable.” Unfortunately my remark enraged him all the more to where the name calling grew worse, so I walked back to my car and drove around to the front of my office, parked, and then walked down to the comic book store.

After asking to speak to Mr. Tickal who’s the owner, the clerk said he was out back yelling at the guy moving the snow. I waited until he walked back in and then proceeded to give my last warning about this business of dumping their snow on my parking lot, as well as sharing my thoughts about my encounter with his hired snow removal guy who was foaming at the mouth. If that was just one more weak apology, I’ll be taking this gratuitous dumping of snow on my parking lot to the next level. Isn’t it amazing how cheap people can be about paying for the removal of snow from their parking lots, and in the end create all the more problems for themselves with their neighbors?

Tonight’s one-liner is: Anger is an acid that can do more harm in the vessel in which it is stored than anything onto which it is poured.

Joe Chodur

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