No Natural Predators

It wasn’t such a hot day until noontime arrived and then the temps started working their way up toward 90 degrees.  For being the first days of August, I was a bit surprised by it because we all know, as the days grow shorter, the nights are longer, thus giving the night more of an opportunity to cool down, and all the fewer blistering hours of heat the following days.  Oh well, it looks like climate change is here to stay.

My early morning appointment took me over to Prairie Place on 1st where I was meeting a dear customer of mine for a second showing.  I made sure to give as much time as needed to give those units a good look-over.  There’s one unit in particular the buyer fancies, so there’ll be one more showing of it tomorrow which should bring us closer before the decision-making process begins.

As I’ve mentioned a number times before, the purchase of those units isn’t so much about money, but rather the transitioning from one life-style to another which for most, indicates that it’s time for no more worries about the day-to-day upkeep and maintenance of a home.

I’ve said to a few, “If Prairie Place on 1st had been built ten or fifteen years earlier, there’s no question my mother would’ve been living in one of them.”  The reason I say this, is because she liked her independence, but also enjoyed socializing, and above all, she would’ve been tickled over not having to worry about yard, snow, and depending on others to do some of the little things like re-filling the softener with salt when it had run low.  Yes, even the small things can be annoying because when you get to the age where you can’t physically do what you could before, there’s another part of “self” that’s lost its independence which ends up being a daily aggravation.

The unit I showed today was the very one I had an offer on which was made by a particular prospective buyer last Fall.  I can assure you, the fact we couldn’t get that offer put together at the time, left me not the least bit sorry it didn’t sell because after about the third time hearing out of the mouth of that buyer, “I’m not so sure I want to live around a bunch of old people.”, created all the more red flags of it not being a good fit.  I continue to believe that “no sale”, was but one more Divine Intervention at Prairie Place.

As I was heading to my car, I ran into one of the most recent additions, so I made sure to ask them how they’re liking their new digs.  It came as no surprise when hearing how much they enjoy living there.  They’re both originally from this area, but have lived in various far-away places until they felt it time to get back to their roots.  I found out later that they’d never cancelled their membership to one of our area churches.  They must’ve instinctively known they’d be back.

Later this afternoon, one of my dear clients stopped by to give me a gift of home-smoked salmon.  He is one of the nicest people you’d ever want to meet.  When he was at my office about a week ago, we were talking about our favorite fish, and I did mention how much I liked salmon.  Having that nice piece of salmon delivered today was an exceptional gesture of thoughtfulness and charity.

Since he’s a hunter, he told me a story about a happening last winter while out bow hunting for deer not far from Pilot Knob State Park.  His story began shortly after we were talking about which wild animals in North Iowa are to be feared.  He announced there being only two night-time ones he fears wherever he goes, and they being mountain lions and coyotes.  When hearing coyotes, I couldn’t help agreeing how much I despise those clever, yet vile creatures.

In a nutshell, he started off by saying that even thinking about his experience with them, automatically gives him goosebumps.  He went on to recall a recent time when out in a grassy and wooded area in search of deer with his bow, but finally decided to head back to his vehicle which was about a half mile away.  It was 6:30 in the evening and towards the end of bow season which was in December, and about -15 below zero with a light snow. The night was very dark, and then suddenly started hearing coyotes howling, and before he knew it, he was surrounded by about ten of them.

He was growing all the more nervous, but kept walking because he felt it best not to make any fearful-appearing moves.  He had his handgun in his backpack, but that would’ve taken time to retrieve, along with all the more to un-strap the bow he was carrying. The only thing left for him, was to continue taking each dangerous step while thinking, “Are they going to rush me now?”

Fortunately they must not have been that hungry, or possibly sensing he had a gun because he did manage to get back to his vehicle without being attacked.  Shaking his head while saying, “I still can’t believe there were that many of them and being so boldly close!”, was more than enough to get the hair standing on my back.  And remember, Pilot Knob is not that far from here.

I understand the wetland restoration our State is promoting, but for sure there are some animals living in them that have no natural predators other than man, which have helped to create all the more of them.  I think it’s about time their numbers are lowered by any means possible.  I’ve also had my own experiences with coyotes and you can be sure, they are very clever monkeys that’ll go after just about anything if they’re hungry enough.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Time and health are two precious assets that we don’t recognize and appreciate until they’ve been depleted.

Joe Chodur

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