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My day started far earlier due to my plan on getting my “for sale” signs planted in the ground over at The Lady Bug in Clear Lake.  I wanted that signage up as quickly as possible now that I have a signed listing agreement with the seller who’s wanting that property sold all the sooner.

I cleaned and polished two signs, threw them in my car, and off I went.  It was amazing how little traffic I found on Hwy 122 at 6:30 on a Sunday morning.  Evidently all the more people hang close to home until later.

Since I did get back early enough, I decided to take in a local church Service, so off I went, and managed to get there about two minutes before it started.  I’ve been there before, but today there was something going on to where it just didn’t “feel” right.  At first I thought it was due to there being a new minister presiding, but I don’t think that was it.  I then thought it was possibly the annoying contemporary music that was being played and lead by a youngish gentleman, but then dismissing that as being the case as well.

I’m sure you’ve all been in a familiar place where suddenly out of no where, it didn’t seem right, yet you couldn’t see, touch, or smell it, but you “knew” it was there.  That was the feeling I was getting poked with this morning, and just before the Service ended, it finally went away, so at least whatever it was, it decided to leave or correct itself.

I drove back to my office, and just as I walked in, the phone rang.  The call was from a dear one who gives me a ring on occasion just to share thoughts and happenings on her side of the fence.  After I hung up, I was shocked to see we’d been on the phone for over an hour.  I guess when a person has much to talk about, time does flies.  She’s an exceptionally intelligent individual who always has something refreshing to talk about.

With my day as full as it was yesterday, I wasn’t able to get my Saturday morning chores done, so they ended up being Sunday’s which had me outdoors for about six hours.  I got myself near-sopping wet several times due to being in the sun and physically working.  At least I got all my planned projects completed early enough to where I had several hours to kill before I’d have to call it quits.

Those two hours were spent back at a stripping project that’s been hanging fire longer than I would like.  I can’t remember how many times I’ve vehemently said to myself, “You are not stripping anymore wood that’s been painted!”, but for some reason, I end up with something of wood that’s painted which I want returned to its original form.  Well, the daunting stripping project I have, is a large five-panel door that must’ve had four or five layers of old enamel paint that’s been a beast to remove.  I’m about 90% finished with it, and now that nearly all the paint is off, I can tell how much weight it’s lost whenever having to move it. It’s amazing how much heavier something can be when having multiple layers of paint on it.

I was concerned it wouldn’t look very good after it was restored, but after today’s work, I’d say it’ll look far better than if it had another coat of paint slopped on it.  Of course my big pet peeve is seeing strike plates, door knobs and hinges covered with layers of paint.  Whenever showing an older home that has all its door hardware painted, gives me the impression of it having been used and abused which leaves it looking tired and worn.  Most old door hardware was never meant to be painted because of the fine detail one often finds stamped into the metal.  Yes, I also stripped the layers of paint off that door’s hardware.

As warm as it was today, it’s finally starting to cool down, and hopefully we’ll have a pleasant evening.  Teasingly I said to one of my colleagues, “Enjoy this month as much as you can because when it’s over, you’ll be wondering where summer went.”  Of course he’s one of those that has to have the last word, and his reply being, “I guess I can put that bale of straw back in the barn because I was going to start cleaning up my strawberry patch before they started bearing.” His punch was the fact that he owns no barn and no berry patch.

I think I’m pretty much prepared for tomorrow, and hopefully the heat won’t be as much of a bother as it was today.  With it being the first of the month, I’ll have more accounting and bill paying to do this week.  I do have to go and pick up some sold signs that’ve been on properties I sold over a week ago.  Most of the buyers tell me it’s OK to leave my sold signs in their yards as long as I want, but I think a week or two is long enough.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  When one is a victim of another’s behavior, everything is black and white; when you’re the perpetrator, there are a million shades of gray.

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