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It was quite the hectic day with appointments and drop-ins.  I think people were out and about getting everything they wanted accomplished while the sun was shining before the storm arrives.  The nasty things I’ve been hearing about what we’re to expect, I’m not so sure people will be doing much of anything once it hits.  I squealed when someone told me that the wind is supposed to be 40 – 50 mph.  Ouch!  I don’t even want to think about what the drifting is going to be like.

One of the drop-ins was a young gentleman who’s been looking for a two bedroom rental.  Since one of my clients may have one available by the 1st of March, I asked that he take an application, fill it out, and get it back to me.

What I’ve been finding of late, are all the more people who’ve had even the slightest brushings with the law, telling me their whole story because of what other landlords have been seeing online.  Today’s narrative was but another example of how fearful prospective tenants have become regarding the deep searches that are being performed on them.  All I said was, “Fill out the application in its entirety, and if you have something to explain more fully, tell it like it is and leave it to the owner of the home to decide.”  I guess that was good enough for him, so off he went.

What bothers me about our age of computerization, is how all this information is accumulated about people and then pigeon-holed into certain categories which leaves nothing for debate.  As we all know, young people sometimes do stupid things they regret, but I don’t believe they should be branded for life just for some isolated incident or even a group of incidents that happened long ago at a certain age, and the prices for them having already been paid.

Someone I know, while recently talking about family members, said something like, “I know too well my siblings because I silently watched them from a distance as we were growing up.”  I just let him talk without saying much because I internally disagreed with such an erroneous statement.  Unfortunately for him, he’s not taking into consideration that most people are in a state of change on a near daily basis.  I doubt there’s anyone who can truthfully say they are the same person today that they were yesterday, and certainly tomorrow.

When we really step back and take a closer look at our lives and how much different we’ve become in say a decade, then how in the world can someone say you’re exactly the same as you were during your formative years?  Yes, there are exceptions because I personally knew an naughty old man for many years who was exceptionally closed-minded and refused to change any of his perceptions or beliefs, as well as the way in which he interacted with others.  The only thing that changed with him was his body as kept growing all the older.

What tickles me pink is when interacting with someone whom I’ve not seen in some years and finding they’ve changed all the more for the better.  As chance would have it, I ran into one of them at the grocery store late this afternoon.  She insisted how good I look, but unbeknownst to her, she’s become all the more mentally delightful.  Of all the smiles I had today, I’d say my having crossed paths with her was my real treat for the day.

Knowing I needed groceries, I stopped at Fareway after work and found the store nearly full of shoppers.  It took me a minute or two before realizing they were stocking up for the coming storm.  I was there far longer than I wanted, but at least I found what I needed.  When seeing there being only one frozen duck left in the freezer section, I decided to buy it since they normally don’t keep them on hand.

Most don’t like farm-raised ducks because they don’t have any white meat which is fine by me. I personally think they’re better than any of our feathered foul other than farm-raised geese.  And yes, some don’t like them because they think they’re too greasy, but they’re really not if you bake them properly.

My four home showings went well today after finding the buyer likes one of them enough to where he’s strongly considering it, and it just happens to be my listing at 341 S. Carolina.  He didn’t realize how large the rear yard was until we were inside and viewing it from the patio door in the kitchen.  Based on what he’s been looking for, I’d say it’s about as close a fit to what he told me he wanted.  We’ll see what he has to say about it when he calls next week.

Please be safe this weekend and don’t take any reckless chances with our weather.  Snow is one thing, but to have such strong winds accompanying it, is definitely not a good thing to be in the midst of while outdoors.

Tonight’s one-liner is:   Wealth is like sea water; the more we drink, the thirstier we become; and the same holds true for fame.

Joe Chodur

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