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Thank goodness we didn’t get the eight inches of snow overnight that was expected, but the thick coating of sleet and ice on the sidewalks this morning wasn’t exactly pleasing to the eye.  I couldn’t believe how few people there were out and about, but I’m sure all the many stayed put indoors rather than risking a fall or getting into a fender-bender.

There was enough to keep me busy at the office this morning along with getting about an hour of reading done on a book I ordered some weeks ago.  I’m about half finished with it and thus far, I’d say it’ll be worth passing along for another to read who’s interested in the history of how we humans have become exceptionally ignorant of our inter-connectedness to all living things.  I was once again reminded how many centuries ago the general populations had far greater respect for Mother Nature.

About two hours of my day was spent getting ice build-ups off sidewalks, and that included an even heavier layer at the front of my office.  I’m still in disbelief how few of our business owners take active steps in keeping their walkways cleared.  It seems they wait until it turns into a real mess and then throw all that nasty ice melt down in hopes they’ll clear off on their own.  I’m still bristling over that exceptionally bad choice of pavers that contractor used in our Downtown Streetscape project.  After this winter, there’ll certainly be all the more decomposing and thus creating all the more visible trip hazards.

With some free time this afternoon, I went back to work at my little/big project.  I didn’t get as much accomplished as I would’ve liked because I kept getting interrupted with text messages and phone calls.  About 4:00 pm I threw in the rag and drove back to my office to get some documents emailed to an agent who was asking for them.  While driving back, I noticed how much water is building up at intersections due to the storm sewers being blocked with snow.  If our temps drop as much as they’re predicting, we’re going to have ice skating rinks at some of our corners tomorrow.

Before leaving the office, I decided to take the above photo of that single geranium bloom I spoke about several days ago.  It’s all the more delightful because it appears to enjoy hiding down amongst its leaves.  Whenever seeing real flowers blooming during the winter, I consider them my personal pearls of pleasure.  With today’s gray skies and sleet-like rain, I was all the more grateful having it in my office.  Perhaps Spring really is just around the corner.

Before heading home, I stopped at Fareway to pick up a few things, and while at the register, several of my past clients stepped up behind me.  I walked out with them and had a good long chat about some of the happenings in their neighborhood.  They mentioned how much they like their home, but not sure if they want to stay there because of the amount of bicycle and foot traffic they’re getting on their driveway and in their back yard. I do hope they can somehow put a stop to it because they are the nicest of people.

Listening to them speak about how all the more disrespectful neighborhood children are getting, reminded me again how little attention parents pay to the goings-on with their naughty little monkey offspring.  The wife said to me, “If I would’ve acted like some of those that’ve challenged me, I would’ve had my ears chewed off by my parents.”  I acknowledged the same would’ve happened to me.  I had to laugh when she likened that clutch of nasty children to a small flock of circling crows.  Little did she know how much I despise those vile creatures. I was actually beginning to envision them circling as we were speaking.

My suggestion to the both of them was to put their parents on notice by telling them that if their children didn’t stop harassing them, they’d call the police and let them handle it from there.  Of course too many homeowners are fearful of retaliation which as far as I’m concerned, gives those evil-doers all the more license to torment, and believe me, they know how to work that “fear of retaliation” factor.  As I’ve said for a very long time, “No person should ever feel as though they’re captives in their own homes.”

Unfortunately, that’s all it takes is one household in a neighborhood to begin spoiling it. What it’s sounding like with their situation, is a monkey-see, monkey-do scenario.  I’m pretty sure I know which so-called “family” is instigating it.  It’s just one more classic example of naughty adults teaching by example to heir naughty children.  No wonder tall fences and gated communities are becoming all the more popular.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  We forfeit three quarters of ourselves in order to be like other people.

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