All-Consuming Greed

As with all the news services, it seems the prime topic of discussion has been our weather.  Every day I hear all the more sad stories about the happenings of these past three days, and hopefully after tomorrow, we can start looking for more tolerable days ahead.  I reminded someone just yesterday that in just a little over five months, it’ll be the 4th of July.  Now just think of these past three days temperatures in comparison to what they’ll be in five months. Pretty radical wouldn’t you say?

While on my way to work this morning, I happened to notice something that disturbed me greatly.  As I was heading north on S. Monroe and looking east at the embankment next to the cemetery, I noticed that some careless snowmobiler broke off one of the trees that were recently planted on that bank.  As far as I’m concerned, snowmobiles should not be allowed in public or private areas, and not just due of what I saw this morning, because over the years I’ve seen enough damage they’ve done where I’m of the belief they should be restricted to designated trails instead of freely jumping fences and crossing over private property with their give a “shite” attitudes.  It would be interesting to find how many home and landowners press trespassing charges on them each winter.

Most of my day was spent working on problematic files which I hope isn’t going to be the norm for 2019.  As much as I work hard at keeping within a time frame that’s required to get loan and title work completed, there are transactions where there’s been something done in the past on a property’s ownership that comes back to haunt a seller.  I now have two files that are suffering from just those types of problems, and hopefully after today, they’ll both be back on track more sooner than later.

A client of mine called in a fury after discovering a non-blood relative is stirring up dust with her father’s estate.  After listening to her story, I couldn’t help but agree with her while adding, “There will always be those human parasites who’ve lived their entire lives on the credulity and sympathies of others just so to fuel their all-consuming greed.”  I did remind her that Karma is likely sharpening her nails right now and just laying and waiting for the perfect time to strike.  Because I’d crossed paths a number of years ago with that person making those demands on her, I shared my initial impression of him which was, “The very first time I met him, there was a shifty way about him, and the way he looked at me when speaking, I knew right then he was a user and a manipulator because he couldn’t look me straight in the eye, and instead only side-way glances.”  Most people think those that do that are just being shy, but for me there’s a huge difference in their body languages.

Since he’s an aging “old bull”, I’d say he’s another one of those poor devils who thinks he’s going to live forever, and no matter whatever logic you try to get them to see, it’s all wasted efforts because before you open your mouth, they’ve already come up with their verdict–they’re right and you’re wrong.  I’m sorry to say I learned a great many lessons about such personality types when having to endure a great many years of a like-mindset belonging to a nasty and very much two-faced old man.  The only legacy he left those he so cleverly manipulated was enmity and discord, but unbeknownst to his “blood” family who ended up with the gold, their generational trail of tears are just beginning.  That old saying, “What goes around, comes around.” wasn’t created just for kicks and giggles, but rather from real-life case study observations.

Late this afternoon I had a nice chat with a client whom I’ve known for many years about our real estate market along with sharing our views on current events.  It’s always refreshing to find there are still those in our midst who believe in bi-partisan politics instead of this “us against them” mentalities I find all the more tedious.  We both agreed that if our Country is going to remain strong and free, we have to work together for the common good and not for the any given special interest group.  If there’s anything that must be learned by our voting public, is that we absolutely must not make our political decisions based on any given single issue because it’s self-defeating.  If you ever say you agree 100% with another’s views, you are either exceptionally gullible or in complete denial.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance.

Joe Chodur

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