More Dangerous than Ignorance

When thinking back on all the winters I’ve endured in Mason City, I dare say when seeing the outside temperature being -49 degrees late last night, it was the first time I’d ever personally seen a temperature that low in North Iowa.  There’s no question everyone’s furnaces were working overtime just to keep their homes warm.  In this weather, one can freely say, “This weather ain’t fit for man or beast.”  I can only imagine how much winter-kill there’ll be once it finally gets up out of those minus double-digits.

It wasn’t very pleasant working at my office today because of those big windows which are facing west, and noticeably radiating cold the entire day. To my surprise, there were walk-ins and phone calls which had to be attended.   Before each one of them left, I reminded them to take no un-necessary risks while outdoors.

I’ll never forget what happened some years ago here in the City where a man who must’ve gone out to get his newspaper, happened to slip and hit his head, and wasn’t found until it was too late.  At the time, I prayed he was unconscious because the thought of being cognizant of slowly being frozen would be similar to a death by auto-da-fe.  As I’ve found, even the smallest of chores become real work due to such biting cold.

While driving around the City, I noticed a number of people attempting to get their cars and trucks started.  Leaving a vehicle outside last night was certainly a recipe for overly-cold engines and weakened batteries.  There were two low-slung cars I noticed having partially broken fiberglass lower-front bumper panels which appeared as though they must’ve gone barreling thru hard-packed snow drifts, but the impacts ended up getting the better of their cars.

A homeowner whom I’ve always admired and respected over the years lost a good portion of that respect when seeing he went ahead and listed his home with another agent before fulfilling a prior promise of at least visiting with me about his home before listing it.  Oh well, life is filled with forgotten promises and poor choices and that’s all we can do is move forward and chalk them up as all the more examples of how business is conducted in these times.

Once again, I can’t begin to say how much I appreciate all the loyal and faithful customers Holtz Realty has been blessed with over these years.  You can bet I personally thank them whenever opportunities arise because I can never be too thankful for the business they’ve generated.

If my suspicions are correct about what our market this year is going to be like, I’m afraid going to be all the more competition for listings amongst our area’s Realtors.  I’ve seen it in years past and it ain’t pretty.  I’m sure one of my competitors has long forgotten something that was said to a seller about me which steered him into that agent’s welcoming arms of new business.  Some day, if I should ever happen to cross paths with him, I’ll ask if he remembers how hard it was for me to get him financed back when purchasing his first home, and then thru the sales and purchases of others, and then sitting pretty darned good financially before he hooked up with one of my competitors.  From what I heard, his last purchase was in Clear Lake and likely where he belongs.

I bristled when reading the news report yesterday about China and Russia’s planned meddling in our 2020 elections.  I’m sure Putin has shared many of his tricks with Xi, so it looks like we’ll be getting all the more fake news injected into our social medias. As I’ve said for years, “Before you believe anything that sounds fantastic or out of character, it’s best to double and triple check the validity of what you may have read or heard.”

Hopefully tonight’s temps will be the last of our double digits for the rest of this winter season.  Please stay warm and safe until it’s over!

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Beware of false news because it’s more dangerous than ignorance.

Joe Chodur

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