Becoming Mighty

Thank goodness those northerly breezes started drying things out in North Iowa.  It certainly was damp out this morning.  In the shaded areas, I don’t think the grass finally dried enough to mow until around noontime.  All in all, it turned out to be a glorious July day.

Most of my morning was spent performing the back end duties of a Realtor.  I had emails to send, files to copy, checks to write, phone calls to make, and signs to put out for my public open house. One of the files I had to email today was so big, I had to split it into two.  A person could make oneself go dizzy reading some of those necessary piles of papers.  Thank goodness, I was familiar enough with that big set since I had time to review them over a week’s period.  I’m sure the recipients will start falling asleep before they even get a quarter way thru it.  Oh well, it’s all necessary information for buyers to read.

My public open house today was a great success.  There was a gentleman waiting to see it when I pulled up fifteen minutes before the hour.  All of the buyers in attendance were very personable and more than willing to take time to chat.  I do enjoy hearing stories being told by others about their past.  It’s always been my belief that when others share stories about their lives, we soon start finding similarities with our own that often remain un-told.

One of the gentlemen spoke about how creepy it was that two of his step-mothers passed away on the exact same day, only years apart.  I couldn’t help but agree how creepy that was, along with mentioning two similar situations within my family where two near and dear relatives passed away on the birthdays of two other blood relatives.  He also thought that was a bit beyond coincidence.  Sometimes things happen that are beyond our limited human understanding, which leaves us to continue wondering.

Several of the neighbors of the home I had open today stopped for a quick visit.  One of them is a recent transplant from out West, and my first question was if she liked living here.  Thank goodness she’s getting herself acclimated with her new job along with her surroundings.  I likely worry a little more about new arrivals than I should, but I often place myself in their shoes and consider all the adjusting that has to take place in order to fit into our ways of life.  I encourage each and every one of them to get involved with our community in whatever type of interests they’ve brought with them.  New faces and voices always add more color and texture to groups.

I did take time to check my two baby oak trees today so to make sure they’re still growing. To my surprise, their leaves were perky and green with no signs of transplant shock.  Oak trees are all the more touchy than others when it comes to transplanting them.  Now if they survive the winter, they’ll be on their way to becoming mighty oaks.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Look deep into nature, and then you’ll understand everything better.

Joe Chodur

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