Sleep on It

Early this morning, I turned into one of my “mini-me’s” by taking the initiative to go over and do some deep kitchen and bathroom cleaning at a property belonging to a client of mine who’s physically unable to do it, along with not having the extra money to pay for it.  I figured I’d make an honest attempt to get it sparkling since there’s going to be a showing on it on tomorrow afternoon. I was glad on both counts that the kitchen is a galley and the bathroom mostly easy-wipe ceramic tile.

I was all the more happy the house is vacant because it didn’t take as much time had there been items on the counters.  I always have to laugh to myself whenever really picky buyers point out dirt and grime, when likely their homes are just as bad or worse.  But as we all know, nobody wants to deal with another’s dirt.

Having started at around 6:00 am, and finishing somewhere around 8:30, those two and a half hours of non-stop cleaning were well spent.  I’m hoping tomorrow’s showing will trigger an offer on it, and make me all the more thankful for going over there this morning.  I was hoping the neighbors didn’t recognize me since I was dressed in my grubby clothes.

Speaking of dressing down.  I actually wore a more casual outfit today due to my expectations that it was going to be another hot one.  There’ve been days of late, when fully dressed, my feeling as though I was walking around with a wet rag around my neck and waist.  Fortunately, the cool and drier north wind came to our rescue to where it was actually very pleasant outdoors.

I’d say I was in marathon showings with having walked thru eight homes with several buyers.  I do try to point out key features of any given home when there are more than three, because the average buyer isn’t used to such visual overloads.  For example, I can say when asked, “That was the home with the tree painted on the wall.”, or, “That’s the one where the guy was out mowing the back yard with a riding lawn mower.”, and even, “That’s the one with the red lights in the kitchen.”.   I refer to features like those being my “trail markers”, so to help boost any given buyer’s memory.

Earlier this morning, I happened to visit with one of the powers that be about some of the vicious letters that are being sent to our area medias, and most often them being residents who’ve got volumes of embarrassments in their own past.  She said, “Why don’t those people who’re being attacked, sit down and write responses.”  I looked at her and said, “Really? You’re kidding right? You know that just makes it all the worse when someone rushes to their own defense because that immediately creates the idea that something was indeed done wrong.”  After a moment of thinking, she finally agreed and said, “Well, then they should have a friend or co-worker write a rebuttal.”  All I could say was, “Whatever.”

I only wish that more people would stop and think about the broad effects publishing wicked articles has on a given community’s fiber.  I think we have more than enough of that on our State, National, and International scenes.  Someone once said, “If you’re intent on writing something about someone, it’s best to sleep on it before sending it.”

Tonight’s one-liner is:  What is the good of a beautiful plate when there’s nothing on it?

Joe Chodur

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