One of my past clients stopped by my office today with a friend who’s looking at purchasing later this Spring or Summer.  Their need to purchase is definitely valid because their family is growing, while the home they’re in isn’t.  Knowing the square-footage of it, I’d say they’re bulging at the seams.

I was glad to hear that my client has decided to go back to school so to get her degree in a profession that’ll have all the more shortages these coming years.  I actually read an article about it not so many months ago.  The key to landing a good paying and stable job, is to get into a field where there are shortages.

If I’d thought of it at the time, I would have mentioned another area where there’ll be an even greater need, and that’s cyber-security. Unfortunately, many of our sovereign nations didn’t realized until it was too late, how Russia, China, and North Korea have small armies of internet hackers who’re hell-bent on permanently disrupting our lives. From manipulating elections, to stealing funds from millions of hacked bank accounts and everything in between, they’re out there, and growing all the more sophisticated.

Don’t believe for one minute that those totalitarian regimes have the best intentions for the rest of our world.  Their leaders play by their own rules and have no legitimate judicial systems to which they can be made accountable.  The blind eyes their citizens take to injustices, is just another example of how millions can be controlled by fear.  They’ve been brain-washed to the point of being nothing more than modern-day slaves.

Most of my day was spent working on up-coming closings.  I believe all of them are still on track to where there shouldn’t be any last minute hiccups.  There’s one in particular that’s making me a little nervous with how slow the selling Realtor’s buyers are moving with their loan process.  I believe I’m going to have to place another “nudging” call tomorrow morning.

After digesting a conversation I had with a colleague today, I’m noticing all the more cloaked anxieties within our general public.  Their numbers seem to be growing all the more edgy over simple day-to-day issues that are normally fixed, and later dismissed as a part of life.  Instead of moving forward and getting a handle on their issues, they turn inward to the point of being in denial of those mounting issues/problems.

Considering all the upheavals in this country along our world, I’m also suspecting many are unknowingly suffering from “zukunftsangst” which is German for “fear of future”.  Just think how many millions are worrying about their health, their children’s future, and above all, their entire way of life.  The only encouragement I give others along with myself, is to face anxieties head-on and get to work at dispelling, and/or fixing them.

Mindfully being focused on our own personal “one day at a time”, is all we can do to overcome those ever-present crippling fears.  My prognosis may seem incurable, yet in fact, its cure is only a decision away which is simply the changing of one’s own attitude.  Now get busy at reducing back down to normal levels your own zukunftsangst.

Joe Chodur

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