Justification of Greed

Another one of my listings sold today which once again lowered the number of active homes in our inventory.  I’ve become more diligent in putting the word out to prospective home sellers that Holtz Realty badly needs listings.

Another little duty I had, was to drive over to a rental home that’s owned by one of my clients.  I agreed to take a number of photos of the neglect and damage the now exited tenants had done during their tenancy.  It looks like there’ll be Small Claims Court action taken against them.

It’s beyond my comprehension whenever trying to understand why tenants feel as though they can do, or not do anything they want in home or apartments that are owned by others and hold themselves un-accountable.  Most think all damages are made by younger tenants, when in fact they’re made by all ages and socio-economic levels of society.

You’ve heard the saying, “A cobbler’s children go shoeless.” I’ll personally assure you all, that it spans all occupations including cooks, cleaners, nurses, doctors, teachers, and all the more.  Whenever seeing downright filthy rentals that had been occupied by all of the above, I think, “If only the people they’re working for and/or with would see what they live in, they’d refuse to have any of them touch them.”   It’s no wonder so many communicable diseases get spread around so quickly.  Speaking of filthy, I was at City Hall paying a water bill, and the person ahead of me reeked to the point I had to take a few steps back to keep out of his “odor zone”.  I can only imagine what some of the clerks dealing with the general public have to endure on a daily basis.

One of my colleagues called today to talk about a listing, and we somehow happened on the subject of interest rates.  I talked about how so many years ago when I worked at a bank, there was always a margin for profit that was used to determine what interest was to be paid on deposits, and what percentages would be charged customers for loans.  Back then, the margin was always somewhere between 3 and 3 1/2 percent.

Are you wondering now why nearly all banks are doing so well now?  I believe the answer to it is, the computerization of banking.  There are fewer checks to be processed, far fewer backroom employees dealing with clearings because the checks they receive never make it back to their issuing banks.  Just stop and think about how much banking has changed along with how far fewer number of employees they have.  Now you understand why all banks are encouraging their customers to go paperless.  It’s not for the benefit of their customers, but rather all the more money they’ll be saving while  continuing to keep their margins for profit the same.  Go figure.

I these times, we’re seeing management level employees of banks buying or building monster houses all across our Nation.  As long as their profit margins remain as they were 30 years ago, they’ll continue to be raking in all the bigger profits for themselves while they remain focused on cutting internal costs. But you know what?  There’s an evil side to this. If we didn’t have the “powers that be” trying to save a few bucks, we wouldn’t have all these sophisticated hackings going on by China and Russia.  It’s another example of how consumers allow themselves to be duped into believing rules of commerce are cast in stone.

There’ll be yet another day I speak about our medical profession and their billing practices.  I’m growing all the more convinced that the justification of greed is born from child-like minds.

Joe Chodur

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