The Abyss of Barbarism

Since I do perform some rental work for several of my clients, one of my first jobs today was to check to make sure an exiting tenant whom I’d spoken with on Friday, had finished moving out of his house and garage over the weekend.  When I pulled up, I noticed there was still much of that tenant’s outdoor “junk” still there.  Keep in mind, those naughty monkeys were supposed to be out by the 1st of March.

With key in hand, I unlocked the overhead garage door and raised it up.  There I found it at least half full of their belongings.  I closed the garage and then went to the back door with key in hand.  The keys the owner had given me did not fit either the front or back door.  By that time, I was beginning to bristle.

Back in my car and off to my office I went, and while driving there I couldn’t help but recall all the excuses he’d given me for not having everything out, along with his numerous empty promises.  I would say he and his wife are in their upper fifties.  You would think they knew better, but evidently not.

When I arrived at my office, I picked up the phone and called him.  It rang a number of times, but he did finally answer.  I began with, “You promised me you were going to have everything out of the house, but I see you didn’t live up to your promise.”  Without taking a breath, I then said, “You had the locks changed without the owner’s permission and above all, not supply him with a copy of it.”  I was then going to say something about his piles of “stuff” around the back of the house and garage, but he interrupted me.

I was so shocked by what he said, it caused me to sternly ask, “What did you just say to me?”  His voice got louder and repeated, “Just shut the f#@*k up.”  Oh Mercy!  Whenever I hear anyone using such language I’m compelled to push whatever big red de-materialization button available on the open market.

Thank goodness I kept my cool while he went on about how he paid so many thousands of dollars in rent over the years to where he should’ve been owned it by now.  More than once I said to him, “Your problems are neither mine nor the owner’s. You agreed to be out by March 1st, and you’re not, so that’s your problem.”   I went on to tell him that after today’s conversation, the owner will do what he has to do along with encouraging him to do similarly.

Knowing how well those owners take care of their tenants, those flimsy excuses and un-called for remarks about them only solidified my belief that after having to deal with all the problems they’re having with their new home which I didn’t sell them, they’re now wishing they’d never purchased it, and now lashing out and me and the owners.

After hanging up from that imbecile, I reminded myself once again that there’s going to be a few karmatic bitch slaps levied upon them until their universe is once again reconciled.  His failed promises and toxic language with me today was totally un-warranted.  And to think they’re approaching their retirement years.  It really makes you wonder what people such as he have learned after being on this earth for so many years.

As I mentioned, the standards of yesterday, are slowing being eroded away to where if we don’t remain firm and stand our ground with our centuries-old standards which made our Country strong, we’ll all be swept away into the abyss of barbarism.

Joe Chodur

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