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I happened to notice our resident turkey vultures have returned for another season.  There were about six of them circling around East Park this afternoon.  Of course those nasty starlings have also returned in even greater numbers.  If there’s but the smallest of holes in buildings or houses that are high out of reach, they’re on them, and later in them with filthy nests full of eggs.  Along with crows, they’re the two most aggressive and dirtiest of birds in North Iowa. The State should resurrect their once bounties on crows feet, but also include starlings so to reduce their ever-growing populations.

One of my dear friends stopped by today just to say “Hey”, and while visiting, I couldn’t help but share with him the highlights of that nasty call I was on yesterday with an exiting tenant.  He actually bolted when I told him about the “shut the f#@k up” bomb he threw at me along with his other idiotic remarks. He shook his head and said, “You know, every time I hear or see something that is so raw and base, I think that’ll be the lowest I’ll be hearing or seeing for a very long time, but it isn’t much long after, I hear or see something that’s fallen all the deeper into our social gutter.”

He went on to say, “I know this sounds terrible, but I’m glad my mother passed away last year when she did, because she was the sweetest and gentlest of souls, and I’m sure if she were still living today, she’d be beside herself with what’s been happening this past year in our world.  I couldn’t help but share similar beliefs because I also know that if my mother were still living, she’d be reeling.  Only a few years before my own mother passed, she said to me with great concern, “I don’t know what this world’s coming to, and I think things are going to start getting worse before they’ll get better.”  I smiled while comforting her by saying, “Do worry, because I have a feeling it’s not going to get as bad as you think until you’re gone.”  Once in a while I ponder that particular remark I made to her whenever thinking about all the craziness that started after her death.  To this day, I have no idea why I said that to her.

Late this afternoon I listed another diamond-in-the-rough home on the southeast side of our City.  It’ll be posted online tomorrow morning, but I figured I’d at least tell you all about it before the general public sees it.  It’s a three bedroom home 2 story home located at 538 – 6th St. SE, and priced at a whopping low price of $27,500.00 which in these times is a bargain basement price for that location.  Yes, it needs a great amount of cosmetics and updates, but where can you buy a 3 bedroom home with a full sized lot for under $30K?  With Spring’s arrival, an industrious buyer will have all Summer to work on it.  I do hope it goes to someone planning on turning it into their home or flipping it.  We must work at turning our neglected homes back into beauties. By the way, the sellers are motivated to the point they want it sold yesterday.

After thinking about that presumed “alien aircraft” which was spotted and filmed by a military plane several years ago, it made me think of a very old black and white movie I viewed back when I was a youngster.  It wasn’t even a new movie when I first viewed it because it was made in 1951.  I managed to find it online yesterday, so I downloaded it, and had my own personally jaded viewing of it.  In spite of it lacking today’s cinematography, it was well worth seeing again.  For sure, it made me think about what’s been recently happening in today’s world.  I know you’re still waiting for the name of it, so here it is:  The Day the Earth Stood Still.  I’d forgotten Michael Rennie was one of its major characters.  If you can find it, I implore you to take the time to watch it.  There is a timeless message contained within for all of today’s humanity.

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