Hell’s Incubator

Ouch!  Another bitterly cold day came and went with likely everyone staying as close to their home fires as possible.  Unfortunately for me, I had appointments at the office this morning, along with getting some needed measurements of a home I listed yesterday; as chance would have it, yours truly registered it under contract today.  No, I’m not a wizard, but I do try to keep active buyers in mind who haven’t yet purchased, so to share my new listings with them first-off.  There was no question in my mind that it would sell quickly, simply because all the updating that’s been done.  The only things my buyers will have to do is have their furniture delivered after it closes, and then start enjoying.  As far as I’m concerned, it’s the perfect ranch floor plan.

One of my dear clients mentioned not long ago, that whatever her next home should be, it’ll have to feature an enclosed front porch.  She likely doesn’t know how much I absolutely love enclosed front porches myself.  For whatever reason, porched homes are growing fewer and farther between.  It’s likely because homebuilders don’t want added expenses with building them. Remember, nearly all builders want to make as much money as possible on each and every one of their build-outs.

After I finished up on my office duties, I went back to my little-big project and continuing on with my work for a few more hours.  I’m now ever smiling whenever seeing how much progress has been made, along with my seeing a light at the end of yours truly’s self-induced tunnel.  And of course, my quiet time alone without noisy distractions, continues to make for me my own personal periods to where I can concentrate all the more on whatever subject should happen to come to mind.  For sure, time moves all the more quickly when deep in thought while performing so simple mundane chores.

I was teasing my client today about how interesting I find palindromes.  He had no idea what they were, so I went on to explain to him they’re words or sentences that if spelled backwards, mean, or say the same think.  First off, I gave the following example:  A man, a plan, a canal: Panama.  He was still not getting it, so I offered this one:  Evil I did dwel, lewd I did live.  Still questioning, I threw this at him:  As I pee, sir, I see Pisa.  Oops, I think after that one, he was believing me to be getting a bit “funny”.  Finally I gave him this simple shortie, while believing he finally got the picture with this easy one:  avid diva.  Don’t you think they’re clever?  I’m sure if you look online, you’ll find many, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create your own reverse, yet same meanings

Late last evening, one of my well known’s called to play catch-up since I’d not spoken to her for several months.  I was glad to hear all was well and good with her, with the exception of some nasty events that had taken place on her side of the fence that were created by some people, whom she first-off, believed to be reputable.  Fortunately, she discovered their evil, behind the scenes workings before it would’ve become too late for her to put a stop to them.  I praised her for putting an end their nefarious plans before they could implement them.

Before closing that subject with her I said, “It sounds like they’re yet another batch of the  devil’s hatchlings who’ve come  a-crawling out of Hell’s incubator.

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