Lifelong Labors

As I suspected, there were a number of weather related car accidents due to today’s snow around North Iowa. I don’t know how many times I’ve told people that if it starts snowing after we’ve had days of bitter cold, the roads are all the more dangerous.  I think it must have something to do with those overly frozen roadbeds.  Just walking two blocks down to the bank this morning, I felt like a greased pig on ice.  I may have appeared to be walking a little funky, but in this weather, you gotta to do what you can to keep from ending up on the ground in the blink of an eye’s time.  After suffering for months from a cracked rib from a fall some years ago, I’m all the more careful when out on icy sidewalks and streets.

The office phone rang later this afternoon, and when I picked up, I was nearly dumbfounded when hearing the voice of a young gentleman whom I’ve not heard from for possibly two years or more.  His call, among other things, was to bring me up to speed with what’s been happening in his life.  I discovered he just recently married the woman I met once about four years ago a choir.  His job is going great, and now he and his wife are thinking it’s time to purchase a home.  For sure he was kidding when asking if I would assist him with their purchase of their new home in spite of their current residence being not far from Lake Michigan.  I teasingly said, “I’d go the distance for you, but not that far.”

The reason I’m mentioning his call, is that you’ll also consider it a bit creepy when telling you that about three or four days ago, while at my piano practicing some new music I was given to play from St. Paul Lutheran Church, I happened to be paging thru a music book I have, and when seeing a certain piece, I stopped, pulled it out, and played it.  Now this is the catch.  As Gott as my witness, while playing it, I could hear in my mind today’s caller singing it as a solo at a church I was playing for during his residence here.  I’m sure he was also a little creeped out after I informed him about that happening less than a week ago.  It really was kind of a creepy cool happenstance.  As a footnote, I was happy to hear he’s still singing while continuing to hope his voice is getting all the richer in age.  I never realized at the time, I’d made that much of an impression on him during the two years he lived in Mason City during those Sundays I was asked to accompany him on piano or organ.

With Spring being not so far off, I thought it time again to speak tonight about Prairie Place on 1st which is located at 320 – 1st St. NE here in Mason City.  Just to let you know, there are only 13 units remaining to be sold, so I’m encouraging any and all those who’ve looked at them, and still riding the fence, to consider all the positive features which that condominium complex has to offer.  Certainly you’ve seen what the stock market has been doing these past two sessions, and don’t think twice about seeing all the more of our elderly looking more closely at investing in real estate rather than be subjected to such radical stock market swings of which they have no control.

One thing I know for sure, is that when nearly every senior finally comes to grips with their age limitations, they absolutely do not like uncertainty, which I can fully understand considering what many of them have had to endure just so to make it thus far.  Prairie Place on 1st affords the opportunity for them to start relaxing while enjoying a few more well-earned comforts from their lifelong labors.

Stay warm and safe, and above all, be careful on those slippery roads tomorrow.

Joe Chodur

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