Ping Pong Ball

Thank goodness I was at my office while that super heavy snow was coming down so I could get my sidewalks scooped before it got too heavy.  It took three visits out there while it was snowing, and certainly happy I didn’t wait until it stopped or I would’ve had a real workout.

I’ve had my baptism in fire, or should I say baptism in snow when it comes to taking care of a corner lot with sidewalks.  If I’d ever even have a passing thought of living in a home located on a corner, I would insist on having my head examined.  For about five or six year I took care of one of our City’s corner lots, and before that, eight more years taking care of a corner lot Downtown where our old office was situated which was just about as bad.  I love the extra space, light, and distance from neighbors a corner affords during three of our Seasons, but Winter has a way of canceling out all the positives of living or working at a corner by the time Spring arrives. Don’t you think we all have short memories?

There was something that happened today which was beyond chance or coincidence.  It was so noticeable that I actually had goosebumps when discovering it.  I’ve experienced at rare times, such events in the past to have finally come to an understanding that it’s a message of sorts from areas that are yet to be understood by humans.  I said to the person that it happened to, “You do know what just happened is beyond chance, and you must consider it a message of sorts that you’re moving in the right direction, and I bless you for it.”  After I left I’m sure there was some serious head scratching going on while trying to understand what just took place.  There are things that occur in our world that just can’t be explained only because we’ve not evolved to the point of yet another understanding.  Let’s just say we’re all waiting to be illuminated once again.

Now that I’ve got myself in gear to get last year’s tax accounting for my office readied for my accountant, I’ll be changing “hats” over the course of these coming days until I’m finished.  During such days, I welcome interruptions because having oneself buried in numbers for far too long makes for a stiff neck and blurred eyes.

After my first shoveling, I decided to grab my camera and take a short drive around our City in search for something to get a shot of for tonight’s journal entry.  I think the one I’m sharing is simple yet quite illustrative of how heavy the snow was falling along with the size of those flakes.  I’d swear a few of them were the size of ping pong balls.  Just keep in mind, we’re yet one more day closer to green.

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