Under that Mist

My only real estate appointment took to my listing at 1415 – 9th St. SE.  We were there longer than normal due to the buyers making some visual changes which they would make if they should purchase it.  Before we left, we happened on the subject of naughty tenants and the games they play with their landlords.  We all agreed how people in general have changed to where if something doesn’t go exactly the way they want, they’re on Facebook bashing the “yell” out of you.  I’ve noticed of late, even some of the old ones, who should know better are doing it.

Before I went off to work on my personal project, I felt it necessary to return a call to one of my well knowns who’d called earlier when I was with someone.  Seems nearly every time we manage to catch up with each other, we find ourselves finding something laughable.  Of course, when she gets me started with my interjections of possible responses that could’ve been given to someone being a little rude and a whole lot stupid, is when my wheels of possibilities start spinning all the more. I guess what got me in high gear, was when she said a clerk had unknowingly hit her hot button more than once by referring to her as “Mrs.”

Unfortunately, after four or more times of being addressed as “Mrs. _ _ _ _ _ _”, my friend snapped at her and said, “Mrs! And what Mrs. am I to address you?”  At least the clerk tried to settle her by saying, “Oh, I’ve never had the pleasure of becoming a Mrs.”  I guess that pretty much settled it between them, but I then added how if it were me, I would’ve given that clerk a good look up and down and a noticeable wink to boot before saying, “I can see why.”  Yes, it was just another example of my being wickedish when reaching for a few more belly-laughs from her.  It really is OK when after something’s taken place like that, to remove all one’s “politically correct” filters–especially with someone who’s of like mind and of course good at keeping comments of such in the strictest of confidence.  Home-grown laughter can be some of the best medicine when feeling a bit down.

The remainder of my afternoon was spent once again back again at my little-big project. I’m still amazed  by how quickly time passes when I have my nose at the grindstone rough.  With it all coming together nicely, I can already see the finished product in my mind.  Without a doubt, I’m convinced yet another reason so many people are filled with anxiety and depression, is that they’ve unknowingly allowed their creative abilities to fall into atrophy due to disuse.  Everyone needs to do something meaningful and productive which always must be far and away from the arenas of their occupations.  There’s too much passive entertainment in our Country to where it’s killing everyone’s active approach to living.

I managed to snap the above photo on my way to the office this morning and thought it worthy of sharing.  It makes you wonder what else was lurking under that mist.

Joe Chodur

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