Leafless Tree Branches

Leafless Tree BranchesWell, it looks like we have a new Commander in Chief elected along with some faces that’ll be changing on our local levels. I believe the real driving force of the electorate this time around was their burning desire for change. There were far more “shadow” voters turning out who finally spoke their minds via the ballot box. Whenever there are a number of people who refuse to discuss politics along with steering clear of political groups, there you’ll find those who’ve listened much and said little. No matter how much or how little a candidate spends on advertising or troops on the ground that are working for them, there’ll always be those who’ve already made up their minds and are quietly waiting for election day to arrive. As I’ve mentioned before, there are political divisions in our country that are growing farther apart by the day. I mentioned to a knowledgable resident of our fair City, “I’m going to look to the bright side of this whole business. If times start getting hard for everyone, then maybe we’ll get back to the idea that it’s not all about you or me, but rather we.” I spoke about hardships within a family during the 1930’s last night, and it was community spirit that got them through those times of troubles. In the end, they were all the better for it. I mentioned to another who likes to get into political debates with me after we chewed the fat for a few minutes I said, “At least you don’t take it personal and hate me for not agreeing with all your views.” He then replied, “At least we have much in common.” While walking out I said, “Having differences of opinion is good because if your thoughts were just as mine and visa versa, we’d not want to even speak to each other. It would be like talking to ourselves in a mirror.” I’m hoping there’s going to be a great number of bridge builders in Congress this coming year.

I was chiding someone this afternoon for not going out and picking up pots with chrysanthemum plants in them that were set out for the garbage. I said, “Don’t you know that they can be planted outdoors and grow back again next year?” I guess the thought didn’t come to mind until I mentioned it. I shook my finger and said, “Willful waste brings woeful want.” We’re all getting too much into the mode of living in a throw away world. Maybe that’s why we see more people throwing away relationships in hopes they’ll find others all the better. It shocks me at times to see how readily people jump ship over the smallest of reasons. Nearly everyone wants to be young forever and in the eternal limelight of center stage. Just today I mentioned to a colleague how ridiculous I find it whenever I see an aging male or female trying to appear decades younger. There’s a particular male I can’t bear looking at because of his dyed hair and noticeably heavy makeup. We absolutely must remember, every age has its beauty.

I had a late afternoon appointment out of town this afternoon, and while driving back on lifeless blacktops, I happened to take notice of the stark beauty of the countryside—especially as twilight was approaching. The different species of trees with their own forms of branching out, displayed yet another striking example of Nature’s works of art surrounding us. Those leafless tree branches were reaching high for my attention.

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