Smile for the Camera

Smile for the CameraI think Mother Nature decided to kick up her heals and show us her power today by unleashing those seemingly circling storms.  I believe the barometric pressure was having some bad effects on the dispositions of our general public as well.  Nearly my entire afternoon was spent on the phone in attempts to keep recent sales on track so they’ll close in a timely and orderly fashion.  I think I’ve done everything possible for today and in hopes tomorrow will be a better day.  In diligently working since very early this morning until noontime on some much neglected personal accounting, when finally finishing up I smiled and said to myself, “Now you really are caught up.”  I can’t believe how an intervening circumstance can set someone back months to where you ask yourself, “Where did those weeks and months go?”  Looking back I’m not a bit sorry in knowing there are times when far more important things need attending than personal accounting.  As long as we prioritize ourselves to what’s really the most important in our lives, everything seems to always turn out just fine.

A client of mine stopped by today with an exceptionally old photo album which she said was found in the attic of the home I have listed when she and her family moved there many years ago.  After looking at some of the photos, I couldn’t help but do a jaw drop on the age and quality of some of them.  I asked her if I could make some copies so to post them as the main photo of my articles.  “Yes of course!” she replied.  She told me to keep it as long as need be.  I did profusely promise her that I’d be very careful with them and get the album back to her.  When I listed her parent’s home she told me the original owners were a family of substance, and when looking at those photos, she couldn’t have been more correct. The home is located at 113 – 11th St. NE here in Mason City and when I first walked thru it, I knew whomever had it built, spared no expense.  I’m actually quite surprised it hasn’t sold yet.  If I were looking for a home in the 70K – 80K price range, I would have been all over it the day it went online.  I know, I’m jaded when it comes to recognizing intrinsic quality and value, but I’m still a bit perplexed that there aren’t other more savvy home buyers out there who recognize an un-polished gem when they see it.  What surprised me the most while listing it was finding there being 2 big bedrooms and bath on the main floor along with 2 big bedrooms and bath upstairs.  I’m sure the right buyer will come along and return it to its original glory.  The sweeping roof lines and arched windows add that little extra decorative touch in design.  The above photo is one taken out of that album I’m sharing with you all.  What a photo and what a house!  All it says on the back is: “Taken in Wilber”.  It would be interesting if this home is still standing and where it’s located.  For sure, whomever lived there was into horses because of all the horse fencing.  I think the young lady was pretending to be working just for the benefit of the shot because I wouldn’t think she would’ve been out there dressed like that all day.  I didn’t notice it until I copied it, but when looking more closely, I saw a little girl at the far right standing at another fence with her back to the camera.  Perhaps she was supposed to be in the photo, but her shyness caused her to run and hide when hearing the photographer say, “Now smile for the camera.”

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