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Genuine ThanksMy office had two closings today and both of them were successful soft landings.  In spite of the new lending guidelines which can cause loans to go over closing dates more easily, these two both closed on time.  I’m still wrestling with a closing that should have taken place weeks ago but due to the lender being out of State, it’s been a bit of a nightmare with too many people being involved in the transaction.  I’m in hopes it will get closed early next week.  I mentioned to one of the lenders today how in the future I’m going to strongly encourage buyers to do as much mortgage shopping at the banks located here in North Iowa before they get on the internet looking at out of State lenders.

Every type of mortgage lending has its place in the general market, but when something is offered locally which mirrors what’s being provided from someone out of State or on the internet, it just makes more sense to stay local.  This past year I’ve been involved with four transactions which were being financed through an internet bank and I must say, there’ll likely be more of them in the future.  It’ll be just another curve of learning and adapting. Late yesterday afternoon I received some documents which were filled with mistakes as far as which party was responsible for the costs involved in a real estate transaction.  Instead of getting out my red pen and making the corrections on their docs, I simply pulled out a worksheet which I created many years ago and started filling in the appropriate blanks.  Since my entries were all done in longhand, I’m sure the people receiving it back for review must have considered my office to be in the Stone Age. Laughingly I shared my story with a loan closer and said, “I’m sure they must think people doing business in Iowa are living in caves and still use carrier pigeons as the only means of communication.”  The loan closer said, “I’m sure they’ll make some changes to what you provided.”   “We’ll see.” I said.  I went on to say, “That particular worksheet has done a very good job for me over the years and almost never fails in setting forth a clear and precise accounting of disbursements.”  Later today I received a new set of docs from them and all the accounting was exactly as I had provided.  Perhaps they’ll create some sort of computer template for themselves the next time they are giving a loan to someone in the State of Iowa.  Before leaving the closer’s office I said, “Some may think we’re the Flintstones, but at least we do our jobs in an accurate and timely manner”

As we’re nearing the end of 2015, I’m sure many are starting to look back and reflect on their own personal successes and failures.  What triggered my reflecting was a chance meeting with another professional today with her asking how business has been for me this year.  I said, “It’s been very good and I’m exceptionally thankful for all the loyal and faithful clients and customers who’ve helped me to make this year a success.”  I went on to say, “And I also want thank you and this community as a whole for sometimes the small parts you’ve had in my success as well.”  Many times we forget those people who’re are in the “wings” of the this stage we’re on, but they’re equally important in helping it all come together.  We too often forget the diligent workers in the back rooms who rarely if ever get a simple “thank you” for their contributions.  Genuine thanks are always held closest to the heart.

Joe Chodur

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