What a Waste

What a WasteWe had a strange sort of weather occurrence late this morning which I doubt I’d ever seen before at this time of year.  From the time I left for work, the wind was coming from the south.  Around noontime, I happened to glance outside having noticing in the corner of my eye leaves blowing down the street.  In those moments, I noticed the wind changing directions and blowing all the stronger from the north.  After some minutes passed, the wind changed direction again and began blowing from the west.  By the time I left for my 1:15 appointment, it went back to blowing from the south again.  Twas almost as if we were experiencing some sort of great circling of the wind directions in our area to where it creeped me out a bit.  Later this afternoon one of my clients arrived to sign some documents and happened to mention having just watched the weather forecast for this weekend and early next week.  What was supposed to be a blast of heavy snow hitting us the first of next week, it sounds like it’s going to be warm enough here to be falling rain instead of snow.  I can take regular rain this time of year any day over snow.  I know it will have an effect going forward with the trees come Spring, but I’m staying hopeful even the trees are becoming used to the weather patterns evolving around them.  If we do have a mild winter, be prepared for a greater number of bugs next year due to there not being enough of a winter kill to keep their populations down.  The insect repellant manufacturers will have many tall orders should this come to pass.

Late this afternoon I decided to attend a gathering downtown to which I received an invitation.  Not being the greatest of socializers, I attempt to remain in the wings of social functions to where I’m able to watch the movements of others rather than being pulled into the thick of it all.  I’m glad I went, but had to make a short stay of it due to another pressing appointment I had later.  As I walked out, I teasingly said to the women at the door who were the stationed greeters, “My short stay was a success.  I remained the most courteous of gentlemen which includes my competitors, as well as a few others with whom I share absolutely nothing in common.”  They got a good chuckle out of my exiting statement.  It’s better to leave early so not to wear down thin welcomes.

I happened to read an article on the internet news last night about the great rise in young people from many different European countries as well as the United States traveling to the Middle East to become part of the ISIS movement.  It comes as no surprise to me that this is happening.  My take on these happenings is the “mystic” of it all.  They can travel to a far away land and become part of something they consider to be a noble cause.  They’re duped into believing they’ll become a great part of something on a grand scale which will in the end, give them the feeling of there being something purposeful in their troubled lives.  The glitzy presentations soon fade when stark reality sets in after they do arrive and become part of the cause.  The fatalism, the brutalizing of innocent people, and the endless abuse of minds, bodies, and spirits soon take their tolls until one day they become just another nameless casualty of war.

It sickens me in knowing how easily bad goats can lead basically good sheep to their slaughter.  What a waste of humanity!

Joe Chodur

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