Royalty without Servants


It looks like people are really on the burn during this season of Advent to have their Christmas decorations lighted both on the inside and outside of their homes. Being a bit of the old fashioned type, I believe our society is becoming far too much tuned into the visuals. I always considered these weeks before Christmas to be a time to be more introspective and understand it’s to be the period to slow down and work at getting physically, mentally, and spiritually re-generated. The long cold nights can be put to great use in working at bettering ourselves rather than chasing after things to keep us revved up during these times. Between people coming to my public open house today, I re-opened a book I’ve been working at getting finished. It always helps to bring something to read when there’s not many visitors. The chapter I’ve been reading spoke about how “thin-skinned” many of our younger generation has become to where if they see something that’s not to their liking, they turn into howling banshees. They’re in every extended family including my own. They can make curt comments to you and expect you to accept their words because they’re younger, more intelligent, and certainly more sensitive, or so they believe. Most times I endure those words from these princes and princesses, but there’ve been times when I’ve simply had enough and turn the tables upon them.

As was mentioned in my book today, we who’re old and from ever considering ourselves above reproach, are chastised for not following along with their banner carryings of childish crusades against things which are more about their thin-skinned mentalities rather than what’s good for our society as a whole. The author posed the question, “How far must we allow this expanding concept of being politically correct take our society?” Will we soon be like some societies in our world where even looking at someone in their eyes is totally forbidden? The author spoke on in a concerned way about how this form of behavior in society is creating numerous sub-cultures to where they’re distancing themselves from everyone who doesn’t share their same beliefs.

Keep in mind, people who’re plugged in to every social media can certainly find those who’re pretty much of the same mindsets. We’re not talking about mindsets in certain areas of life either. It spans all facets of life. Pretty scary isn’t it? I’ve always found people who’re different than me to be interesting as well as likely able to share some ideas of which I’ve never considered. The melting pot which America used to be considered is now on its way out. We’ll continue to be faced with the growing sub-cultures who’ll want to be heard as the years pass and I can’t imagine what life will be like in those times.

One of the by-products of this thin-skinned younger generation is the unwillingness to take charge or should I say ownership of their misgivings. I see many young who’re dressed as though they’ve stepped out of fashion magazines, but if you’d visit their homes or apartments, you’ll find chaos. Their enabling parents created little monster princes/princesses and certainly waited on them as though they were royalty. After finally leaving their so-called castles, we’re now living amongst royalty without servants. All parents aren’t enabling, but their numbers are rising and I’m seeing them.

Joe Chodur

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