Black Shadows

Black ShadowsIf there ever was a day most recently that was filled with non-stop duties, this was certainly one of those days.  From the moment 8:00 a.m arrived, I felt as though I was catching myself coming and going.  I passingly mentioned to someone about how today was so terribly busy and the non-emotional remark was, “Mondays are always busy.”  Realizing someone was having a bad hair day, I all the more quickly fulfilled the needs.

I couldn’t have been happier to find one of my listings which was on the market longer than expected, having finally sold for a fair price. Sometimes it does take time to find the right “fit” when matching buyers to a property.  There’s no doubt in my mind the buyers will create real value in that home once they’ve made some necessary cosmetic improvements.  Since I know the quality of the work they do, it’ll likely be a showplace once they’re finished with their improvements.  I did mention to them I’ve already done a sketch of the floor plan and should the opportunity arise, I’d have that same home built on a large lot so to give the home all that much more of a presence in a given neighborhood.  Since I’ve considered myself fully jaded in having been in so terribly many homes over the years, there’s only a few homes that really knock my socks off.

What most people don’t realize is that the floor plans of the homes in which they live have likely been copied hundreds of times over with little or no change in style. There’s a floor plan here in Mason City that was built numerous times over to where I once said to a buyer, “If I were blindfolded, I could walk through this home and tell you where every room is situated without a stumble.”  I had a real belly laugh today when a gentleman was in the office and explaining the relationship with his ex.  He said, “Many of my friends believe there’s still a fire there but there’s not.  I finally came to the conclusion about a year ago that the door is closed for good.”   Since he’s such a worldly man who’s worked all over the country and areas beyond, his matter-of-fact approach to relationships was certainly eye-opening.  He went on to say how casual relationships have become to where there’s really no long term commitment.  My comment was, “There’s too much social media going on out there to where the grass always seems to look greener and the opportunities to opt-out is all that much more likely once a relationship hits a few bumps in the road.”  There was likely more truth than jest in his next statement when saying, “Today’s intimate relationships are like being in a room with shelves full of toys.  You take a toy off the shelf, play with it for a while, you get tired of playing with it, and then put it on the shelf.”  I’m in hopes this is not becoming the way of the future by not making long term commitments.

Several days ago when having arrived at the office early, I heard a group of noisy crows outside my door.  They really are clever birds who seem to have a sixth sense about being noticed.  I thought I’d take a photo of them and by the time I snapped one, they’d all flown away except one who flew away about a second later.  The flocks of crows in our Downtown during the winter is certainly something I don’t look forward to seeing.  When a leafless tree is filled with so many, their black shadows create a haunting sight.

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