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1029 - 12th St. NE-8

My day seemed to fly with contracts to be prepared and signed, weekend appointments to be set, and getting a new listing signed along with photos to be taken and uploaded. I’m confident it will sell in a normal time frame due to it having 3 bedrooms, a double garage, and an attached 3 seasons enclosed patio with a hot tub. The previous owner had it installed for their adult children’s use whenever they would be visiting. I’d heard about their wonderful get togethers while making full use of it during the winter months.

I can imagine what it must have been like soaking in it while watching the snow falling outside. If it were mine, I would use it as an attached solarium for plants since it has a south facing exposure. I’m sure any plant lover would use it as a mini-greenhouse and get a jump on the growing season by starting their vegetables and flowers from seed and readied for Spring planting. The previous owners who lived there for many years said there had never been any water in the basement. I asked the current owner and he concurred the fact that it has a dry basement. With that in mind, those looking for a clean and dry basement to create a talk-of-the-town man cave, this is where one could create it without worrying about water seepage. Whomever built this home in 1955 certainly knew how to construct a solid home meant to last generations. There’s a breezeway between the house and attached garage giving more space for that mud room everyone wants. The kitchen has been updated, the oak floors have been re-finished, and the roof re-shingled this past Summer. The lot size is wider than normal so to give more breadth to the rear yard. I was captivated by the tall mature trees on the property. I priced it at $99,500 which I believe the buyers in today’s market will consider to be a bargain price. The home is located at 1029 – 12th St. NE which is conveniently located near Harding School, the High School, and all east-side shopping, and actually not far from East Park. Oh, I nearly forgot to mention, the previous owner had a wood burning stove in the basement which is now gone but the clay lined chimney is still on the outside of the home which provides an opportunity for the new buyers to install another wood burning stove. Clay lined chimneys are the ones I prefer over the metal. They’re more expensive to build but as far as I’m concerned, they’re more fire-safe.

I happened to visit with a client today whose father is elderly and in need of more assistance on a regular basis. I’ve heard this same story many times before and they’ll likely continue into the future. Since I’ve been around countless elderly people in my work, I’ve noticed how intrusive children can be in the homes of their elderly loved ones. My client went on to say how much several of her siblings fuss over their father to the point of causing him to become overly anxious. She said, “They just can’t seem to stop making changes in his home and disrupting his daily habits.” It rings so true what a very wise person told me some years ago which went something like this, “We cannot inject our standards upon another to where we believe we know what’s best without asking their permission.” My only response was, “I’ve seen it often where people go charging forward with decisions for loved ones without respecting their core wishes.”

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