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935 - 8th St. SE-3We all should be happy that our weather is continuing to hold out with the mild temperatures. I smile every time I walk out the back door of my office and see the five geranium plants still blooming profusely. I have to keep watching the weather to make sure I get them dug up and brought inside before it freezes. Having to run over to Clear Lake again this afternoon, in driving back I happened to notice the cloud formations to the east. With the low sun striking them, they were shimmering with a myriad of colors. It reminded me of what the sky looks like in some of the paintings of the old masters. Days like today can continue on until we absolutely have to give ourselves up to winter.

I did a quick walk-thru on a rental today and was appalled by the condition it was left in by the exiting tenant. There will likely never come a time when I’m able to understand how humans can live day in and out and have not a care in the world about their self-made living conditions. The kitchen and bathroom were so filthy I wondered how someone living there could tolerate ever coming home to their greasy and sticky countertops and floors. It all goes back to being plugged in and tuned out to their worlds around them. I’ve heard of people coming home, throwing a pizza in the oven, grabbing a liter of soda, and barricading themselves in their bedrooms in front of big screens TVs for the rest of the night and only coming out to relieve themselves. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if it happens more than anyone could ever imagine.

I re-listed a home today that I had on the market for far too many months in the past. The owner has had all the carpets removed to expose the hardwood floors underneath. I took new photos and posted them so to give the general public a better picture of what the home now looks like. As far as I’m concerned, this home is bargain basement priced and the owner really wants it sold before winter arrives. There’s been new high efficient furnace installed last winter so that’s now yet another improvement. It’s priced at $64,500 and as I mentioned, the seller is very motivated. The address of the home is 935 – 8th St. SE here in Mason City which places it about a half block away from the popular Bel Air addition. What makes me sad, is that many young people have looked at it before and when their parents arrive, they believe their children should be starting out with something better.

How times have changed. In speaking over the years to very successful people, a great number of them spoke about how they lived in very modest apartments and homes until they saved enough money to upgrade. Just today, an older gentleman mentioned something about this mentality. He said, “Most of these young buyers are in far too deep with debt to where they’re upside down with their finances and will be for a very long time.” Whatever happened to being proud of living modestly below your means. Whatever happened to the joy of saving enough money to go out and buy a new appliance or two? Whatever happened to people restoring and putting back to use old furniture that someone else has changed out for new? I have a dear friend who is exceptionally good at creating tastefully restored furniture that looks like it came out of a high end store. I only hope the populous will re-assess what their needs versus their wants, and hopefully get themselves back on track and start saving.

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