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apple-1Not so often I find myself in unfortunate situations where no matter how much nearly everyone involved is working towards a common goal, there enters from left field but one person who creates continuous chaos and discord. Like the old saying goes, “One bad apple can spoil the whole barrel.” Most recently I found myself in the middle of such a transaction that has been dragging on much longer than need be as well as an increase in the land mines this particular person is creating simply to keep the others involved on high alert watching for another day of one more explosion coming from this person who appears on a path to make everyone involved suffer as much as possible. Being in the middle of it all, I’ve continued to move forward in keeping everyone on track. Several of those involved are about ready to throw in the towel from all the undue stress, but nearly every other day I have to give them pep talks. I’ve encouraged all to continue moving forward with the mindset of hoping for the best but certainly stay prepared for the worst. I think it’s working as I’m beginning to see some points of weakness with this troublemaker and hopefully with everyone pushing towards the middle from all sides, we’ll get the transaction closed. Isn’t it funny how sometimes one can have a bad first impression of someone and it last for many years afterwards even when there’s been no contact or communication? Well, my judgement call regarding this dark-sided person couldn’t have been more correct in seeing what un-due harm can be done to downright good people so many years later. Some never change other than grow older and more wicked while acquiring a distinctly vulgar street vocabulary. Some of the words I’ve personally heard would’ve made a sailor blush. After my job is finished, if I ever see this person again it’ll be too soon.

About a month ago a client asked me to give him some ideas about a property he purchased that had been a single family residence at one time but now a rickety tri-plex. When I went there I noticed many of the original intrinsic features likely still existed only they were boarded up and drywalled over. He was beside himself not knowing where to start or end simply because of the years of cobbling that was done by the number of previous owners. I spent about an hour with him and did a bit of a sketch of what I believed was the original floor plan and then walked through the home with him showing how the flow of the home should likely be. Many turn-of-the-century homes were built to bring in as much natural light as well as maintain flow due to the number of family members contained at the time. Many years ago I challenged myself to bring out the best in an 1880’s home that had been severely neglected. I spent exactly nine months working on it and fortunately it sold right away before I fell too much in like with it. I remember my mother telling me I was insane for taking on such a daunting task but when she saw it finished, she was delightfully surprised by the finished product. I received a call today from the gentleman with the tri-plex. I met him at the front door and when I walked in I had a jaw drop. Much of the original woodwork and doorways were still intact under those layers and I can say without a doubt, the home has taken on an entirely different character. When finished, I’m sure it’ll be an eye-popper.

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