When in the Mood

beer-1Mondays are sometimes busy and other times hectic especially when the weather warms and people are in the mindset of buying or selling homes. Since I sometimes assist a handful of clients with their rental properties, it does become a bit much when juggling the needs of prospective tenants with clients and customers. I’m afraid one of these times I’m going to have a heart to heart chat with one of my clients about her overly excessive penchant for taking conversations to the dark side of reality. When in conversation with her, she’ll interject something about what I’m saying in being a step ahead of what I was going to say, and of course her comment was completely opposite to the ending of my story or comparison. In thinking about the business interactions I’ve had with her over these past five years is with the most disturbing ability of her paranoia to manifest some of the bad things she fears. It causes me to remember the old saying, “Be careful what you wish for as it may come true.” But with her it seems more like, “Be careful of what you’re fearful as it may manifest itself.” Our world is filled with chronic worriers, but this particular person’s worrying, or should we say negative thinking seems to go so deep that it somehow causes a sort of dark cloud to form and manifest something that would be likely be beyond coincidence considering the amount of bad stuff that comes her way. Unfortunately, there have been several times when her “bad stuff” spilled over on me and caused some un-needed stress in getting the problems corrected. I still remember the first time I happened to cross paths with her. She was being berated by one of her supervisors for something that she had supposedly done wrong, but in fact, she simply appeared to have done wrong. Yes, I think I’m going to start referring to her as “Dark Cloud” until she starts teaching herself to stop bringing bad thoughts to life.

I’ve decided today that many of our young are overly spoiled and much on the lazy side. I happened to be driving down a street today and noticed the big red pickup truck being driven by the young man whom I saw parked yesterday in a driveway of a home and standing in its bed trowing empty beer cans out into the parking. Deep anger welled within when seeing such laziness as well as stupidity. He was too busy attempting to be “cool” while showing off his machismo to a young woman standing in the yard. Little men that drive big red pickups always seem to be lacking in something. In seeing his insult to Nature by throwing empty beer cans in the grass left me believing he is in possession of more faults than virtues. Since some of the 1920’s slang is supposedly being resurrected, whenever I see that young man driving around the city during the day, I’ll consider him a modern day dewdropper. I can’t imagine how he was able to afford that expensive of a truck without the help of his enabling parents or some other related giver. I get frustrated at times with the laziness and non-willingness of some to perform simple jobs without a verbal backlash of those chores being too much below them, and when they do decided to do something constructive, it must always be when they’re in the mood. It’s too bad we can’t re-tool mindsets into doing something now instead of sitting around, drinking beer, and waiting until they’re in the mood.

Joe Chodur

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