The Return of Daylight Savings

Daylight-SavingsCertainly we all find it a bit annoying in changing all our clocks ahead one hour and getting our bodies used to getting up as well going to bed an hour earlier than we’d grown accustomed. Before you start grumbling, think of all the positive opportunities in having the clock moved forward. We can enjoy an hour more of daylight upon returning home after work. As the weather becomes warmer, there’s an hour more of light to be used while cleaning up the yard and getting one’s exterior of their home back up to speed after being idle for nearly six months. I can’t think of a better hour to be used in walking your dog without rushing to return home before dark. Think of the soon approaching months ahead where the light-filled evenings are long and the hours of darkness short.

Anyone who’s keen on gardening, fully appreciates the extended daylight so one can cultivate, transplant, and maintain a beautiful garden. Some of my fondest memories come from singularly being out in the big garden working while pondering the mysteries of the universe. It’s quite amazing how much one can mentally accomplish while doing mundane chores. If we set our menial work on “cruise control”, we can begin doing some long needed deep thinking. I’ll not forget the times my mother used to return from the garden and address one of us children by saying, “Say, I was thinking…”. She likely had a given problem solved by simply having alone time to sort things out by herself. How many people have you heard say to you, “I’ll give you my answer after I’ve slept on it.” It’s really a good way to make a more clear decision regarding a problem because while going to sleep thinking about a situation, It’ll likely create an ego-less mental environment in determining what the correct decision should be at the time.

Another bonus of daylight savings time’s arrival, is that it creates for me less worrisome periods concerning people’s vacant homes that could be subject to freezing pipes should a furnace go out. If we didn’t have such great wind chills it wouldn’t be so bad, but we’re in the flatlands and when the wind picks up, the cold is burning. I made a point to drive through East Park and watch the ducks and geese for a few minutes splashing around near the dam where the ice was out. Spring is certainly on its way due to the way the waterfowl are getting exceptionally hungry as well as territorial.

The geese were chasing the ducks and other geese were chasing each other. The ducks were doing similarly with their own. Ducks can be the funniest to watch when feeding in or around water. They seem to siphon the water in their bills in hopes there are near micro-morsels that their tiny teeth will hold back and subsequently swallow. When we had ducks on the farm, there wouldn’t be a cricket or bug to be seen. They are quite the aquatic carnivores that prefer crawling and hopping live insects over grains.

I hope all the house and apartment bound tenants are ready to start looking for their charming starter homes so they can begin building equity of their own and discover all the bonuses of learning to make simple home repairs themselves. It’s really very therapeutic for minds and bodies to activate all the abilities that have by lying dormant in wait for opportunities of growth in understanding. Now serious, aren’t you all glad the return of Daylight Savings Time has arrived? Go forth now and be creative.

Joe Chodur

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